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Rick Stansbury to Have Weekly Radio Segment

Stans is coming out of the shadows.

Patrick McDermott

Yesterday I was driving up to Chattanooga to check on my metal buildings and I heard Bill King say he was going to have Rick Stansbury on for a weekly segment presented by Cock of the Walk.

A few things -

For those that don't know, Bill King is the host of 24/7's On Campus on College Sports Nation Sirius XM Channel 91. I know all that because he says it like every 5 minutes. It airs from 6-9 AM every weekday, or 5-8 AM central.

The show is all about college football, but they dive into college basketball about half during January and February. So it sounds like Stans will come on for a weekly segment to discuss the goings-on in hoops. I couldn't find any info on the internet about it, but I didn't look very hard.

The segment is supposedly presented by Cock of the Walk. If it's big enough for an entire segment, I'm thinking he'll be on there for an entire hour. Bill King has Phil Steele on for an entire hour every Friday during football season - so I'm thinking it'll be along those lines.

And it's the Cock of the Walk in Nashville, not Ridgeland on the Reservoir...but I believe it's the same restaurant company. It would have been somewhat odd if a segment with Stans was sponsored by a restaurant in Jackson, since it's a national show. I lived in Ridgeland for a year, a stone's throw from Cock of the Walk, but I only ate there once. Hmmm.

No word yet as to whether he'll be required to use throat drops for hoarseness or if the word "freshmans" will be allowed.

Well, that's about it. I can't believe I was able to ramble on this long on this post. Good day.