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Regular Season Review: Kick Returners

While it is nice to always be spectacular in the kick return department, it can be even better to have a solid return man with the ball in his hands on the kickoff. Read on to see who fit the bill for the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

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The kick return game rarely excites fans unless a player can take the kick off to pay dirt every time he touches the ball. For Mississippi State fans Jameon Lewis is that player, but with only kick return touchdown, one could be forgive for not knowing that Tubby led the SEC in return yard average (28.06 yards per return), which helped him land a spot on the SEC All-Conference Team.

Lewis proved to be the biggest threat of the three players participating in the return game this season. LaDarius Perkins picked up 325 yards on 16 returns, and Robert Johnson returned the ball seven times for 153 yards.


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An interesting note if you look at the stats, only in one game, Alabama, did all three players finish with a return. In that game, Perkins had five of the seven returns. It is also worth noting that Perkins and Lewis did not both return a kick in the same game until the Alabama game, and then, they did so against Texas A&M and Arkansas.

In all the Bulldogs were solid at this position. Would more big play and touchdown returns be nice? Yes, but that is not always attainable, however, having the player that did the most to set up his team in the best position possible on a kickoff in the SEC is a good thing for Mississippi State.