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A Call to Arms: Kentucky


Two weeks ago this Thursday, Mississippi State was 19-5 and riding high coming off a victory over our arch rival at home. Two weeks fast forwarded and the feeling around the program couldn't be more different, as we head in to play the #1 team in the country riding a 3 game losing streak. But great seasons are often forged in the fires of adversity, and tonight is a perfect opportunity to do some forgin', ya heard me?

I come to you today not as a blogger, but as a fellow fan. I've watched just like you as the hopes of this season have been quickly dashed by the likes of Georgia, LSU and Auburn. But I'm here to remind you that this season isn't quite over yet.

Tonight our team has a chance to do something special. While everyone, including us the fans, doubts them, our Bulldog basketball team has a chance to go out and play and possibly defeat the #1 team in the country on our home court. This is an opportunity that doesn't come around that often. The last time it came around, in 2007, State gave #1 Florida all they wanted on our home court in front of a flat out deafening crowd.

And we need that same type of crowd tonight.

I can guarantee you that the 5 players we put on the floor tonight will be out there giving their all because they want to win. They want to win to break the current losing streak. They want to win to beat the #1 team in the country. They want to win to prove all the critics and haters and hecklers that they aren't dead and buried yet. So if they're going to be out there tonight giving it their all, don't they deserve us, the fans, giving our all for them tonight as well?

I am challenging each and every one of us State fans, to go out and support this team tonight. Several weeks ago we put together a FAQ's to help you cheer for State at a home game, and I encourage you to check that out again tonight prior to the game. I enourage you to be loud tonight, and don't leave that building until you're horse.

I encourage you if you have a ticket to the game to not sit this one out but to go out and support your team.


I encourage you to bond together so that we can show the nation, through ESPN, that Humphrey Coliseum is still a difficult place to play.

It won't be easy: Kentucky brings in a team that is beyond any talent we've seen in some time. It won't be easy, but then again the most rewarding goals rarely are.

I know many of your are frustrated with the coaching, frustrated with individual players, frustrated with the program on the whole. But tonight is not about any of that. Tonight is about putting aside your frustrations and remembering that that team out on the court represents the school that you love so dearly.

So tonight, it's not about our frustrations, it's not about the last 3 games, it's not about anything other than this:

Our team needs our support in facing their toughest task yet this season.

Our team needs us to be the True Maroon family we all know we can be.

Will you answer the call, or will you let your selfishness and disdain for individuals in this program hinder you from supporting the school you "love"?

It's your decision. Chose wisely.