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New Director of Basketball Operations Adam Gordon a Man of the People

Today, finally ending the worst kept secret in the basketball coaching search hiring process, Mississippi State hired its new Director of Basketball Operations Adam Gordon. Gordon was in the same position at the University of Northern Colorado, and last week as we reported, his head coach accidentally revealed that he was coming to Mississippi State. A week later, the move was finally made official and the new coaching staff has been completed.

In our story last week on the twitter leak from Gordon's former coach, I joked that we hadn't yet confirmed if Adam was of any relation to Commissioner Gordon (of Batman fame). Today, shortly after his hire went public, Adam responded to us via twitter:

And just like that, Adam Gordon rockets to permanent status at the top of the FWTCT FAVORITE COACHES LIST. I mean sure it was just a reply on twitter, but it shows that Coach Gordon is a man of the people, and we can respect that. Shortly thereafter, we tweeted congrats to coach Gordon, and he responded again with this motivator:

/is now highly motivated

/runs out of the room to Rocky music

/signs up for basketball team