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Let's Think Negative: Worst Case Scenario for Basketball Next Year

Yesterday I did a best case scenario. But today a different one, one that results in the above picture.

It has already been reported that Rodney Hood will likely make a decision about his future this weekend. That means he's unsure if he wants to stay at Mississippi State. And that my friends, creates a scary possibility of dominos that could cripple this basketball program for a while.

If Rodney Hood leaves, you'd have to think Jalen Steele would too. Jalen originally signed with Auburn out of high school, but Jeff Lebo was fired and so Steele asked to get out of his scholarship when Tony Barbee came in. So there's a history of him not liking coaching change...and it's been rumored that he could be interested in Tennessee or ETSU. Jalen is from Knoxville, TN.

If those two guys leave, they would join the other five guys who graduated / left early / quit. Those seven players make up the best seven players on the team last year...a team that couldn't make the NCAA Tournament. That leaves you with Wendell Lewis as the main man.

If Hood and Steele leave you can bet Josh Grey isn't setting foot on campus. Would four star F/C Gavin Ware either? Sure, they've signed letters of intent, but they can sit out a year if State doesn't release them.

If all these things happen, here's your starting 5:

PG - Jr. Saun Smith

SG - Fr. Greg Sword

SF - So. Roquez Johnson

PF - Jr. Kristers Zeidaks

C - Sr. Wendell Lewis

Bench - The Gold Team (walk-ons)

It's true, it could get as bad as Ole Miss football. Ouch.