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MSU News and Notes | Thursday, May 10, 2012

Short news and notes today, ladies and gentlemen. Before we get started, last chance to send in your questions for the mailbag. First post goes up tomorrow. Again for the slackers, send mail to, our Facebook or our Twitter, whatever your preference may be. Now, onward with the giving of the notes!

  • Obviously the biggest news from yesterday was the SEC announcing that coach John Cohen will serve a one game suspension for his actions at the end of the Alabama game last Sunday. Now... did Cohen technically violate the conference's sportsmanship rules? Yes, I have no doubt about that. But essentially Cohen was suspended for being ejected post-game, yes say it with me, POST GAME. That means that the umpire went back after the game was over and everyone was off the field and scribbled furiously in his little pad that he ejected John. Isn't that kind of like your boss firing you after you've quit? Whatever, we can go on and on, but this is a stupid move by a commissioner whose sole purpose is to make the SEC and it's agents always appear to be in the right, above all else. This is for you, Slive. Also, make sure to read our buddy Todd's take on the situation and all of it's stupidity.
  • They call me Maholm, Paul...Maholm.
  • Kendall Rogers' latest "Field of 64" projection has MSU as a #2 seed in the Rice Regional.
  • This list of Top 25 greatest things put together by friend of the blog Rick Muscles is outstanding. I literally was in tears reading it.
  • MSU apparently has its first basketball commitment of 2013, as Paul Jones and others reported last night that Parkview, Arkansas Jr. PG I.J. Ready (IF IT WAS I.B. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME) has committed to MSU ($ link). Ready was a former Nebraska commit (yawn), and is most likely coming over with the addition of Wes Flanigan to the staff, who was formerly with Nebraska.
  • We interrupt this news and notes post for this breaking announcement:



(click here for the full sized map)

  • CroomDiaries brought that map to my attention yesterday. Of course that is the count state-wide of all of the specialty license plates sold between MSU and Ole Miss, and again (thru March, apparently) State leads in quite a few counties. So yea, win THAT day Hugh Freeze (/doesn't know what that means)
  • Even after charging for tickets this spring due to the concert/spring game idea, State still finished in the Top 20 in the country in spring game attendance, which happened to also be 10th in the SEC.