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Saturday Thoughts with The Croom Diaries

I'm back again for a Saturday morning get together. thecristilmethod did some Saturday posting this morning in an effort to steal my weekend fans, but I won't hold it against him.

- Erick Dampier was signed by the Hawks on February 10th and for the rest of the season he scored two points....2. He didn't play until Game 3 of Atlanta's series vs. the Celtics but he ended with 16 points in the series. Boston won the series in 6 games, so Damps season (and quite possibly his career) is over.

- Does it seem like there has been a lot of complaining during the basketball and baseball seasons this year? There were a lot of people hollerin' for Stansbury's head - including myself - and there's even been folks wanting for fire Cohen. And the arena/stadium atmosphere has been a big topic of conversation as well in both sports. Considering last year's 6-6 regular season mark, look for a few people to enter the football season on edge with Mullen...and there will probably be some folks complaining about DWS.

- This coming week (starting on Sunday night), I'll be doing a countdown of the 6 biggest 'what ifs' in MSU history. For example, what if Renardo Sidney had never come to State. I'm not going to do that one, but that is the kind of material I'll be writing up all week, ending on Friday with #1.

- Finally, when I wrote about the most obnoxious fans in the SEC this week, I forgot to include a poll. That was obviously a highly subjective list, and I know many other people view it very differently. So, here's the poll...