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MSU News and Notes | Memorial Day Material

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If you're reading this right now on your iPhone in one hand while you apply sunscreen / pick up your beach book / crack open a PBR, then I hate you. If you're reading this in a car headed down 98 on the way to the beach, then I can still tolerate you but no I don't want to talk to you right now. No matter where you are or are headed for this Memorial Day weekend, stay safe Bulldogs, and don't do anything that I wouldn't do (which means yeah do whatever). Here's your news and notes for Friday, May 25, 2012.

  • Last time we spoke State had just finished off a 9-1 trounching of Arkansas, and was preparing to face Aaron Nola and LSU. The Dogs battled tooth and nail with the Tigers, and emerged victorious 3-2. Then yesterday State took on Kentucky for the fourth time in 7 days, but the hot streak ended at the hand arm of Jerad Gundy, who dominated State over six innings, as Kentucky collected a 5-1 win. Now State prepares to again face the #2 Bayou Bengals this afternoon, with the loser of that game sent packing. By process of elimination it appears Evan Mitchell will get the start tomorrow for State.
  • The hooplah after we beat LSU two days ago was how we should be in the talks to host a regional, but that has obviously died down some with the Kentucky loss yesterday. At this point, one would think MSU would have to win the whole tourney to still have a chance to host, and looking down at the available arms, that task looks more and more difficult. The one thing State has going for them at this point is that with the new SEC Tournament format, the tourney becomes single elimination once teams reach the semifinal. That means whoever wins tomorrows MSU-LSU game could then beat Kentucky on Saturday and move directly to the championship game Sunday, they wouldn't have to play again.
  • So, if State doesn't host, where will they end up in the NCAA's? Looking more and more like they'll be headed to the Hoosier state to take on Purdue, which I'm completely fine with.
  • Our buddy Bob Carskadon tweeted out this rendering of the improved Tennis / Softball area on campus that was on display at the Greenwood leg of the "Our State Tour." SKYWALKSTYLE, SON

  • Softball_tennis_rendering_medium
    via Bob's Twitter

  • Haven't seen these numbers listed anywhere else yet, but @hailstate55, who seemingly finds everything these days, found contract numbers for Charles Mitchell with the Atlanta Falcons. Again I don't know much or anything about the legitimacy of this site, but it lists Mitchell's contract at 4 years, $2.2M with a $102,000 signing bonus.
  • Yesterday we kicked off our new summer series at the site - 100 Days of MSU Football. Day 100 was all about Glen Young's 100 yd KO return against LSU in 1980.
  • You voted for them, now you can see starting later today which of your favorite in our Greatest Games series has moved on to the quarterfinal round.

There's probably more that we're missing, but frankly it's Friday and we just want to watch the baseball game and pretend that we're not at work filing TPS reports while everyone else is off.

I leave you with this, which is officially my favorite thing right now. BABY GODFATHER (MSU STYLE):


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