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MSU News and Notes | Wednesday, May 30, 2012

News and Notes is back for the Hump Day edition packing more baseball news, because yesterday's news just wasn't enough! Here's your Mississippi State News and Notes for May 30, 2012:

  • Congrats to Chris Stratton, who yesterday was named the SEC Pitcher of the Year. Stratton earned that honor by amassing an 11-1 record while sporting a league best 2.21 ERA.
  • We also found out yesterday that Stratton was named one of the 30 semifinalists for the Golden Spikes Award, which is given annually to the nation's best amateur baseball player. The 3 finalists for the award will be named on June 5th, with the award given out on July 6th. The fans do have a vote for the award, so make sure you check out the link and vote for Chris today!
  • In other notes from the All-SEC list, Fr. Closer Jonathan Holder was named All-SEC Freshman, and Jr. Kendall Graveman was named to the All-SEC defensive team. Graveman was the first Bulldog ever to be named to the all-defensive team, which started in 2008.
  • From the SEC's Chuck Dunlap, here's the ESPN release stating what channel of the WWL's will carry each game of the tournament. State's first game Friday versus Samford will be on ESPN3.
  • Pretty cool picture from Chris Stratton's Instagram account of Mitch Slauter and Wes Rea headed for him to start the dog pile. Note the intensity and determination in Rea's face:


(via Stratton's Twitter)

  • Sixpackspeak, as always, with the audio of Jim's call on the final out of the Bulldog's 2012 SEC Tournament Championship.
  • For those of you like me who enjoy the MLB and also follow local talents, Weir, Mississippi native Roy Oswalt signed yesterday with the Texas Rangers. Good to see Roy back in the bigs. SIDE NOTE: Roy, I believe, is about or already does have kids attending Starkville Academy (/high fives Bob Carskadon) #StarkAcademy4Life
  • Our Greatest Games series continues with the final quarterfinal matchup: 1980 vs. Alabama (Football) VS. 1996 vs. Kentucky (Basketball). Two great games, but only one can move on towards being the greatest (/inspirational ESPNish music plays in background while you read the previous sentence).
  • The latest in the 100 Days series takes a look at former fan favorite, big #95 Kyle Love.
  • As if there won't be enough former MSU flavor in Tallahassee this weekend for UAB, Rafael Palmeiro will also be in attendance. Raffy's son, Patrick, plays 3B for UAB, so there's a good chance he will be there to cheer his son on. Will he wear maroon? Probably not. Will he be sporting a fantastic mustache? We can only hope so.

This makes up all the news and notes we have for today folks. Not a whole lot of value above, but we try our best for you guys. As always, if you spot something newsworthy that we missed above, make sure to leave it in our comments section.

Have a great hump day!


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