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Recruiting: 2012, 2013, & 2014

Since the "midnight runner" episode with Xavier Grindle appears to be over, we can go back to only having lost four members of the 2012 signing class. The way these guys were falling out it was looking like MSU might have to inch the 2013 class closer to 25 signees, rather than the expected 21-22 class.

The 2013 recruiting class is now up to 18 commitments. That includes 2012 signees Kivon Coman and Artimus Samuel, who, unfortunately will take up four spots over two classes. It also includes Cord Sandberg, who is one of Perfect Game's top 48 baseball players - and had two RBI in their All-American game in San Diego last night.

With only two scholarship quarterbacks currently on the roster, and the probability of Cord Sandberg getting drafted by Major League Baseball - one of the remaining spots in the current class probably should go to a quarterback - maybe a Juco? Considering the attrition that has happened this year, and likely every year, plus Sandberg's possible baseball career it might be wise to use at least one more signee in the 2013 class for a QB.

Mississippi State will lose the following 18 seniors after this year...

DT Josh Boyd
DT Dewayne Cherrington
DT Devin Jones
DE Shane McCardell
LB Cameron Lawrence
DB Johnthan Banks
DB Corey Broomfield
DB Darius Slay
DB Louis Watson
OL Joey Trapp
OL Tobias Smith (could probably get a 6th year if he wanted to)
OL Templeton Hardy
TE Marcus Green
FB Sylvester Hemphill
WR Arceto Clark
WR Chad Bumphis
WR Chris Smith
WR Brandon Heavens

Accoring to Just1BroArguing, MSU still has 85 scholarships right now even though they lost the four guys out of the 2012 class. Assuming Tobias Smith does not come back, that would mean 67 scholarship players would return for 2013....leaving only 18 spots in the current recruiting class. That means that every player signed henceforth will rely on attrition to be within the 85-scholly constraint. If Tobias comes back, there would only be room for 17. Hmmm.

Since MSU will likely only sign 21-22 players this year, 2014's class will be eligible for 28 just as the 2012 class was. But I'm only counting up 13 scholarship players who will graduate after the 2013 season. This is a result of Dan Mullen redshirting so many players. There are freshman and sophomores all over the place. But I think this is a good problem to have. The next several years will feature plenty of depth and State can be very picky about who they offer a scholarship to.

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