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100 Days of MSU Football - Day 6


100 Days of MSU Football - Day 6

In today's edition of the countdown, we take a look at the number 6, the record for consecutive 100 yard rushing games in MSU history.

That record was set in the 2000 season by none other than Dicenzo Miller, who we talked about back on Day 12. Dicenzo (1998 - 2001) finished his fine career at State with 10 - 100 yard rushing games. Dicenzo would go on to finish the 2000 season with 1,005 rushing yards total, with 10 TDs to go along with it.

Here's 44 of those 1,005 yards, earned on a TD run against #3 Florida in that memorable 2000 season.

Dicenzo Miller goes 44 yards for a touchdown against Florida (via sfslickdawg)