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MSU News and Notes | Monday, August 27, 2012

Start off each weekday of the football season with all the news, notes, links, and funnies grouped together to get your day started off right.
Start off each weekday of the football season with all the news, notes, links, and funnies grouped together to get your day started off right.

Ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE ENTERED A FOOTBALL WEEK!!! Please try and remain calm (mostly speaking to myself).

Now, let's get your game one week kicked off right with your MSU News and Notes for Monday, August 27, 2012.

  • This from new WR's Coach Tim Brewster last week on attracting potential high school wide outs to Starkville:

Probably a pretty accurate statement. Oh and [insert Ole Miss joke about Starkville being barren and all that crap].

  • Could Rick Ray be getting some more front court help next fall.... and Dan getting DE help at the same time? Houston's Chris Jones hopes so, as he hopes to play basketball and football at State when he hits campus (potentially) in the fall of 2013.
  • If you can't find tbradenbishop in the next several weeks, here's where he'll be:

  • Marcello with a good piece on Dak Prescott, posing the question of how many times the RS-Fr. could see the field this season. I'd venture to guess that Prescott could see the field in the redzone, maybe some Tebow type situations or a change of pace QB in some games. I do, though, think that fans expecting Prescott to get a good bit of snaps this year might be disappointed, as Russell should, and rightfully so, get most of the snaps this year. I'm just as excited about seeing Prescott's athletic ability at QB for State as anybody - some have said he's Chris Relf with a better throwing arm - but Dak's time is not now, Tyler's is.
  • I laughed my butt off - partially because these type thoughts have crossed my mind during games before - at this piece by Croom Diaries from yesterday: Prisoner of the moment goes to the Jackson State game. Good stuff.
  • Don't forget that when Jackson State comes to town this weekend, it will be doing so with the recently added services of one Tobias Singleton, who joined the Tigers recently after leaving Ole Miss. Singleton could be a big factor for JSU Saturday, and it will be interesting to see how head coach Rick Comegy used the troubled but talented Sophomore on the field.
  • The first MSU sport of the 2012-13 season, ladies soccer, got off to a great start, as the ladies wrapped up the Bulldog Classic with a 5-0 win over South Alabama yesterday afternoon. The win capped off a perfect opening weekend for the soccer team, as they started off 3-0, their best start since 2009.
  • On Sunday, the weather surrounding tropical storm Isaac took a dramatic turn of events, as the storm is expected to escalate to a Hurricane, and now make landfall somewhere between the Mississippi gulf coast and New Orleans, most likely. Our thoughts at FWtCT are with all our readers and the rest of those on the gulf coast. Stay safe you guys. Outside of worrying about the safety of those that this effects, one can't help but wonder if and how this will effect State's home opener with Jackson State. Preliminary extended forecasts show 40% change of rain Saturday, but those could decrease or increase by Saturday, depending on how fast the storm moves, how much it stalls when it hits land, and how much more the projected path shifts. You can follow tropical storm Isaac updates here.

That's it for the first football edition of MSU News and Notes. As always, if I missed any big links or stories out there in Bulldog land, please feel free to leave them in the comments. Also, remember this post will now go up 5 days a week! So when you pour that coffee, go wake up the kids, or open the front door to wave at the neighbors with the front of your robe open, make sure you come back and read MSU News and Notes to start off your day right!

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