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MSU News & Notes | Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Troy is the travel destination we deserve, but not the one we need right now <strike>or ever</strike> - Sir Alfred Mullen
Troy is the travel destination we deserve, but not the one we need right now or ever - Sir Alfred Mullen

/John L. Smith, 3 months from now, when he's working at Pier One in Little Rock

Customer: Excuse me sir, is this a Razorback-infused vanilla bean candle?
John L.:
Yes mam, sure is! Can only get them in this part of the country.
And how do I light it?
John L.:
Just have to do it.
Do what sir?
John L.:

Today's MSU News and Notes are all right here, for you, the reader, because we care. [cues crappy caring music]

  • Even God likes to go deer hunting sometimes.
  • Another day thinking we'd have relatively no big news to report, then riding home from work, I turn on Head to Head radio with Matt Wyatt and Richard Cross. In the middle of a yawner of an interview with Barrett Sallee, Matt and Richard get notification that they have an unexpected caller who would like to come on a clear his name. That caller? Byron De'Vinner, Memphis area 7on7 coach and the man who coached several players, including Jovon Robinson and Will Redmond, who are currently under investigation by the NCAA for various alleged recruiting misdeeds. De'Vinner, who's identity was later confirmed via tweet by Brad Locke and Brandon Marcello, claimed he wanted to come on air and clear the air about his involvement, or lack thereof, with the current recruiting-related misgivings being investigated in the Memphis area.
  • De'Vinner, after claiming his innocence in all the allegations, went on to say several interesting things regarding illicit benefits he witnessed change hands between Will Redmond and an unnamed MSU booster. De'Vinner stated that he witnessed a "100 or 200 dollar handshake" between the booster and Redmond, but he refuted earlier claims of any Mustang or other automobile being purchased for Will, which came up several weeks ago. De'Vinner stated that the booster also gave Redmond a jacket and "lined up some other things."
  • De'Vinner states that he interviewed for a position, which one he does not specify, at MSU in January of this year.
  • De'Vinner says he was interviewed by the NCAA and MSU about the situation around the end of February or beginning of March.
  • I can not make out what he says, but De'Vinner is asked around the 7:35 mark if Angelo Mirando had knowledge of the illicit benefits changing hands between Redmond and the booster, and I believe (speculation) that Byron says yes. Check it out for yourself
  • You can listen to De'Vinner's surprise Head to Head visit, in its entirety, right HERE.
  • Spencer Hall's Alphabetical is a must-read as always, especially to see this gif of just another day in the life of Bully [HATERS GONNA HATE]:



  • In case you were planning on taking your cowbell to Veterans Memorial Stadium this Saturday...

  • Justin Sutton has compiled some helpful information for you if you plan to travel to Troy this weekend for the football game. The most important note included in his recap? NO DRAFT BEER IN TROY. [sad face]
  • Yesterday we reported what State was supposedly going to wear to the game this weekend, but BREAKING: it has since changed. The mannequin is back in the spotlight today as Joe Galbraith tweets out and updated look - featuring the Matte helmets instead of the new ones worn the first two weekends. Photographic proof via Joe's Twittergram:


via @JoeState

  • This is a few days old, but if you're like me, this type of stuff NEVER gets old. Here's the final play from UL-Monroe's stunning upset of #8 Arkansas last Saturday, complete with the UL-Monroe radio call of the play and resulting celebration. Love it.

  • While State is going into managing expectations and avoid upsets mode, Troy is gearing up for what they believe is the biggest game in their school's history. DL Tony Davis told the Montgomery Adviser this about the game:

"You have an SEC team coming in here for the first time in school history," defensive lineman Tony Davis said. "There's so much at stake. For this program and university, there's a lot at stake. We have to get the job done."

  • ESPN's Edward Aschoff with a good read on MSU CB Johnthan Banks, who he believes might be the best corner in college football.
  • This was from the weekend, but apparently the Eat With Us Group, who own restaurants like Bulldog Deli, Peppers, Harveys, among others, decided it would be a good idea to change the name of Bulldog Deli to... wait for it... Peppers. Yes, another Peppers. No, the food isn't any different at either local, but the name of the eating place, the one most near to campus when you enter the cotton district, has been aptly named for it's nearby school's mascot for as long as I can remember, and I grew up in Starkville. Although nothing changes but the name on the sign, it's still an idiotic idea in my opinion. What do you think?
  • Which movie can you watch over and over and over? SBNation's Progressive Boink compiles its list. My movies I can watch anytime they come on? Dumb and Dumber, Any older Adam Sandler movie (older, none of the new crap), Sum of All Fears, A Few Good Men, Out Cold, Hangover (1, not 2), The Town, Kingpin, Uncle Buck, Dazed and Confused, Animal House, and the list could probably go on forever and ever. Lots of good re-watchable movies I left out.
  • Really neat feature by SBNation's own Steven Godfrey, embedding himself into the Western Kentucky football program for the week leading up to their impending death at the hands of a midget tyrant game with Alabama.

That's it for today's news and notes. Now go out and, ya know, do whatever it is that you do!

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