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EA Sports NCAA '13 Simulation: Mississippi State vs South Alabama


Cam Lawrence celebrates after forcing a fumble against South Alabama

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

Bulldog fans it's time for another edition of the EA Sports NCAA '13 simulation. For those of you tuning in every week, I think you'll agree that last week's simulation with Troy was eerily similar to the real game. The end result was State winning a close one by six, and unfortunately the real deal ended in a very similar fashion with State winning by exactly the same margin.

This week's contest features a team that, no matter what this sim says, will probably produce the most certain victory MSU will get all year. Make sure you read till the end because I included a bonus score from another SEC game taking place this weekend. I promise it'll raise eyebrows! All the highlights are after the jump!

South Alabama* loses the coin toss and the Bulldogs decide to kick off first.

1st Quarter:

South Alabama returns the kickoff to the twenty yard line to begin the first quarter. The first pass thrown by the Jaguar quarterback is nearly picked off...the ball is tipped into the air and nearly intercepted at least two more times before it finally hits the turf. On second down a pass is completed for a five yard gain. The quarterback drops back for another pass on third down and is sacked for a four yard loss. Jaguars punt the ball away.

Jameon Lewis returns the ball all the way to the Jaguar 33 yard line and gives MSU excellent field position. Tyler Russell decides to run it himself on first down and gets nothing. LaDarius Perkins tries on second down and gets two yards. On third down Perkins gets another seven yards but comes up a yard short. It's fourth and one and the Bulldogs are going for it. It's gonna be a pass play and Russell can't find anyone to throw to! He throws the ball away just as he's about to get sacked. Turnover on downs!

Jaguars decide to run the ball on first down and the runner finds a huge hole. There's no one in front of him but as he crosses midfield a Bulldog defender chases him down and finally tackles him at the 30 yard line. USA's quarterback hands the ball off to the running back and it's a three yard gain. On second down they try their luck on the ground again, but this time it's a one yard loss. Obvious pass play is set up on third and eight. The pass is complete for a first down! Ball on the MSU eleven yard line. A nice run on first down gains eight, but second down the Bulldogs come up with a nice sack! It's now third and twelve. The qb fires the ball away, but his throw is off target...fourth down. Jaguars decide to settle for a field goal and succeed.

Jaguars lead 3-0

Jameon Lewis returns the kickoff to the 32 yard line. Tyler Russell's first pass is incomplete. On second and ten, he hands the ball off to Ladarius Perkins and he gets a decent gain. Its third and two for Perkins and he easily takes it to the house!

Bulldogs now on top 7-3

Jaguars return the kickoff to the twenty-three yard line. The quarterback scrambles on first down and manages a one yard gain. The running back gets three more on second down. Now it's third and six and the first quarter expires.

Bulldogs lead it by four after the first quarter 7-3

2nd Quarter:

It's going to be a passing attempt on third down and the pass is complete for a first down. Jaguars are now at their own 37 yard line. Quarterback fires a pass on first down for another completion and another first down. Jaguars are now at the Bulldog 46. This time they keep it on the ground and earn seven yards. They don't quite get it on second down...they need one more yard. On third down, the quarterback decides to pass, but the Bulldogs blitz and sack him easily. Jaguars punt the ball away.

After a touchback, Tyler Russell returns to the field and hands the ball off to Derrick Milton and Milton picks up a first down and a whole lot more...he is finally tripped up at the Bulldog 42 yard line. There is a flag on the play...offsides for the Jaguars...Bulldogs decline. Russell and Jameon Lewis connect on a pass for another quick first down. Bulldogs are now just past midfield. Russell goes to the air on first down and finds a wide open Chris Smith. Smith catches the pass and is brought down at the Jaguar fourteen yard line. After an incompletion, Russell fires a quick pass to Brandon Holloway for an eight yard gain. It's now third and two and the Bulldogs decide to hand the ball off to Perkins. Perkin's attempt to punch through for a first down fails miserably...he's brought down for no gain. Bulldogs decide to settle for a field goal.

MSU lead now extended to 10-3

Jaguars return the kickoff to the twenty yard line. The USA quarterback is sacked on first down and the next two downs accomplish nothing. Jaguars punt the ball away...MSU takes a timeout to conserve time. After the return by Jameon Lewis, Bulldogs take over at the Jaguar 43 yard line. Tyler Russell drops back to pass and Jameon Lewis gets vertical to catch the ball...he is brought down immediately but gains seven yards on the play. Russell drops back for another pass and again connects with Lewis for a first down. MSU now at the Jaguar 26. Another pass, another completion...this time to Ricco Sanders. Another fresh set of downs and only ten yards to the end zone. Perkins tries to run it in but only gets one yard. This time its a pass to Perkins on second's caught, but no gain. Russell decides to go back to what was working and launches a pass to the back corner of the end zone. Jameon Lewis is there and catches the ball...he uses good footwork to stay in bounds for another Bulldog touchdown! Well, now the officials are reviewing it. Honestly, it looks like he's out, but considering this is SEC officials, they'll probably say he was in. And, I was right. The call on the field stands.

Bulldogs now lead it 17-3

Jaguars are going to try and get some points with less than a minute before half time. They return the ball to the 24 yard line on the kickoff. I could give the details of their drive, but instead I'll just say it ended with a Hail Mary and it was intercepted by the Bulldogs.

Bulldogs lead at Halftime 17-3

3rd Quarter:

Jameon Lewis returns the kick off to the 34 yard line Tyler Russell returns to the field and immediately fires a bullet that is completed for a first down. The next ball is a hand off and Perkins just runs over one of the Jaguar defenders for a first down. Perkins runs on first down and catches a pass on second down to move the chains again. Another run by Perkins and suddenly the Bulldogs are at the USA 10. The Bulldogs keep feeding the ball to Perkins but now he's denied any yards not once, but twice in a row. It's now third and ten. Tyler goes to the air and completes a pass for eight yards, just short of a first down. Bulldogs settle for another short field goal.

MSU now leads 20-3

The Jaguars will start their next drive at their own 20. A quick pass gains them six yards on first down. On second down the quarterback can't find anyone open...he decides to tuck it and run. He's got a first down but is just hammered by Josh Boyd...the ball pops free and Boyd falls on the fumble! Bulldogs take over at the Jaguar 35.

Tyler Russell hands the ball off to LaDarius Perkins and Perkins picks up a good block via Blaine Clausell. He gets enough to move the chains. Russell drops back for a pass and hits up his favorite receiver of the day...its Jameon Lewis again for another first down. A couple of incomplete passes now has MSU in a 3rd and goal situation at the Jaguar 6 yard line. Russell drops back to pass and finally hits a receiver I haven't seen all game...Chad Bumphis shows up and gets another Bulldog TD.

MSU up 27-3

Jaguars run the ball out of the endzone and only get to the 20. The defense seems to be playing a lot better in the second half...the qb can't find anyone open and throws the ball away. Apparently I spoke too soon because on second down he immediately hits a receiver for twelve yards and a first down. Again, the quarterback can't find anyone open. He decides to scramble again and manages to get another first down. Jaguars now at their own 47. Another pass...this time it's complete for a big first down. Jaguars now at the MSU 40. The Bulldogs are blitzing and the qb is hit as he throws...incomplete pass. The next play is another pass and the receiver has to jump to catch the ball, he's nailed by Cameron Lawrence--and the ball pops free! MSU recovers the fumble!

MSU takes over at their own 25. Russell decides to run the ball himself and picks up a big gain for a first down. Another pass followed by a run picks up another first down and the Bulldogs are now just past midfield. Perkins gets another handoff and is brought down hard and comes up just short of a first down. He's apparently injured on the play and Erin Andrews wastes no time letting us all know that he suffered a concussion. Now it's Milton time. Russell immediately hands the ball off to Milton and he responds with a first down. Next is an option play that produces two yards. Another option play on second down and Milton comes up one yard short. It's now third and one and the third quarter ends.

Bulldogs still lead it 27-3

4th Quarter:

It seems either Erin Andrews lied, or LaDarius Perkins snuck back onto the field because, concussion or not, he's back out there. Russell hands him the ball and he picks up a first down. It's first and goal. Russell can't find anyone open on the next play so he just decides to run it in himself for another Bulldog touchdown.

MSU now leads 34-3

After the Jaguars get the ball back, their quarterback throws three straight passes and all three are incomplete. They decide to go for it on 4th down. A bomb is thrown down field and, even though the receiver is double-covered, he miraculously catches the ball for a huge first down. Jaguars are now at the MSU 33. Another pass results in another ten yard gain and another first down. And there's another pass and another first down...its first and goal for the Jaguars now. This time the ball is handed off to the running back and he punches it in for six. The extra point is good and now the score is 34-10, Bulldogs.

The Jaguars try and onside kick but the Bulldogs gather it up first. As expected, the Bulldogs are now content with keeping the ball on the ground to melt the clock. Perkins is still in the game and now he's getting easy first seems they're going to wind the clock down pretty easy easy in fact, Perkins just scored another TD!

Bulldogs now lead it 41-10

The Jaguars get the ball back with only 38 seconds left in the game. They go three and out, burn up their time outs, and are forced to punt the ball back to MSU. Tyler Russell takes a knee to end the game.

Bulldogs win it 41-10!

I'm not going to bore you with any notable stats...the game was totally and completely dominated by Mississippi State. BUT, Rece Davis provided an interesting update of another SEC game that was taking place near the end of our game. Take a look:


I know, I chance!

*There is no South Alabama team on the EA Sports NCAA '13 game so, the FCS East (not to be confused with FCS Southeast, that's Jackson State folks!) was used as a substitute.