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The Nkemdiche Vortex

The Nkemdiche's have created quite the stir

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Last summer I told you about the 'Robert Nkemdiche Vortex'. How this kid is bouncing around in coaches heads and playing with their minds. Now we've got a full blown Nkemdiche Vortex flushing down anyone and everyone.

It definitely appears that Robert Nkemdiche will end up at Ole Miss. Bear fans can thank Houston Nutt for that - for recruiting the unranked Denzel Nkemdiche, getting him in with the 2011 class. His breakout redshirt freshman season and Mississippi's unexpected bowl appearance has created his own vortex that has attracted his ultra talented brother's super-powerful vortex to strongly consider Oxford as his college home.

Nkemdiche. Nkemdiche. I'm pretty tired of that name in the scope of SEC recruiting, now we probably get to hear it from the school up north with a double dose on their defense. When I have an idea for an article I put it in my iPhone - when I put this one in, my phone autocorrected to Nkemdiche after I had only typed in 'Nke'. What the heck? Seriously? What's with this kid? At least as I'm writing this the spell check says I'm spelling 'Nkemdiche' wrong every time I write it, but that probably won't last long.

Avon, Indiana DE Elijah Daniel committed to Ole Miss on Sunday night, because he wants to jump in the vortex. The best WR in the country, Laquon Treadwell, is from the Chicago area but he committed to a lower tier school from Mississippi....vortex. Several others are also feeling the lure.

Ole Miss' minions have done everything in their power to get Chris Jones sucked into the vortex. And I hope he never steps foot in Oxford because the vortex has power.

The Nkemdiche vortex has many layers. We've seen programs hit mammoth recruiting home runs well beyond their means only to have their vortex (Auburn, Trooper Taylor) go the wrong direction and get [fecal matter] everywhere.

I don't get this kid. I don't know why he's such a magnet. Whatever. It would be great if this vortex took itself to Baton Rouge or especially Gainesville. But it's likely to land in Oxford. Here's to hoping for a clog.