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Bully's Growler: Game 6 - Mississippi State 21, Bowling Green 20

The week's Growler is an incomplete effort, but still manages to squeak out just enough laughs to win

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Over the course of a 12-game season, there are some games that people may watch purely out of some sense of obligation. A night game against a MAC team, right after the disappointment of the LSU game, is one of those. The majority of the students left the game early to make the most of the social opportunities available to them. I won't guilt trip them here, because I wasn't exactly giving the game my full attention, either. To those who did give this game your full attention and provided Twitter fodder for Bully's Growler, we at FWtCT sincerely thank you. Below is the best tweets (that I saw) from last night's win over Bowling Green.