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The Divide in the MSU Internet Fanbase

Can't we all just get along?

Bruce Bennett

On Thursday of last week the EliteDawgs message board released a letter they had received via e-mail. The letter said Ole Miss was under investigation regarding the recruitment of several players - I won't go into detail because it doesn't matter, but it basically gave credence to the common belief on that board regarding which players Ole Miss illegally recruited. Then it was quickly brought to light that the letter was a another MSU message board. This is yet another episode in As the MSU Internet Eats Itself.

It is uncertain who drafted the phony letter, which had a picture and everything to go with it. Was it Ole Miss fans? I actually kind of doubt it. I think it was a MSU fan who despises one of the creators of EliteDawgs, Coach34. They sent the letter to EliteDawgs, and they sent an e-mail to SixPackSpeak to inform them it was a fake. But no matter who made the letter, why did SPS find it incumbent upon themselves to throw another MSU site under the bus? The unfortunate truth here is that the letter's creator knew they would.

Like I said, just another episode in As the MSU Internet Eats Itself. EliteDawgs was started because it didn't want to be like Six Pack. Six Pack was started because it didn't want to be like Gene's Page. Gene's Page doesn't like 24/7. It goes on and on.

What is the purpose of FWtCT? Six Pack? Gene's Page? Bulldog Blitz? It's a place for Mississippi State fans to come together. We don't all live in the same town or see each other at work, but we can come together to discuss MSU on the internet. There are various places to do this, that's okay. There doesn't have to be just one.

I'm not trying to throw SPS under the bus for this, it's just the most recent example - but what they should have done is contact ED in a non-public way to let them retract their post and let ED say it turned out not to be true. There are many layers to the Will Redmond probation story, but at its core it's a petty battle between message boards that went too far - and that's one of the main reasons we were exposed.

We all have one goal don't we? It's pulling for State, to see State succeed right? Well if that's the case then let's pull together rather than tearing each other apart. A fanbase divided is easily conquered, but a fanbase pulling in the same direction can do great things.

Not everything is bad - I'll commend Robbie Faulk and Paul Jones for even doing a radio show together despite being competitors, Brian Hadad for setting aside his Gene's Page hate and allowing them to have shows on BSR, and the level of comradery among the MSU blogs, 3rd & 57, FWtCT and M&WN.

Hopefully our internet fanbase can just enjoy what they enjoy and put aside the efforts to try and bring other Bulldogs down. This isn't a competition to see who can be the coolest or the biggest, it's all of us doing our best to promote Mississippi State and provide an outlet for State fans everywhere to read, comment and have fun following our beloved school. Hail State.