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Former Mississippi State Bulldogs Tweet about the Alabama Game

Former Mississippi State Bulldogs reacted to the Mississippi State-Alabama game on twitter last night. In what might not come a surprise, the defensive players were growing frustrated with the offense.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Former Mississippi State players made some interesting comments on twitter last night about Mississippi State's performance against Alabama. Here is a look at what some of them had to say during the game. Without a doubt, there seemed to be a hint of frustration with the Bulldogs being unable to score and support the defense last night.

Going into the game, Chad Bumphis felt that Jameon Lewis would break out Saturday. In a related note, never take Lotto numbers from Chad Bumphis.

Dylan Favre appeared to harbor no ill-wil towards his former team, even if he was not totally up-to-date with the quarterback situation going into the game.

However, Favre thought the kicking game could use some help.

Darius Slay had a question about the running back rotation for the Bulldogs.

Johnthan Banks enjoyed the way the Mississippi State defense played, but the Bulldog offense clearly frustrated him.

Finally, Vick Ballard seemed to disagree with ESPN's assessment of Starkville, or he was stunned that they actually showed it in a good light.