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Mississippi State the favorite in-state school among polling public

There are like, 40 asterisks to that fact, but still, small victories!

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State is the favorite in-state school in the state of Mississippi, according to a recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling.  The Bulldogs drew 37% of the vote as the favorite school among voters, while Ole Miss took in 23%, and Southern Miss 15%.  Of course, it should be noted that these percentages comes from a poll conducted among 500+ voters, so that may is not necessarily representative of a state of nearly 3 million people.  Still, small victories!  It should also be noted that 23% of voters said they weren't sure, which could mean they're MSU fans upset with the season, or maybe they're Southern Miss fans in hiding.  I wonder where this poll was taken?  Definitely not north Jackson.

Some other interesting facts from the poll:

  • Of Mississippi State fans polled, 48% approve of the job Dan Mullen has done, while 18% don't, and 35% are unsure.
  • Also in a poll of MSU fans, 56% think Dan Mullen should return in 2014, while 16% think he should not, and 28% aren't sure.
  • Oh, and 66% of the state has a favorable opinion of Archie Manning.  Seriously, that was a poll question.
  • Ted Cruz leads among potential 2016 presidential candidates for Mississippians.  Come on, for real?!
[h/t Matt Wyatt]