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Quick Hits: Texas A&M 51, Mississippi State 41

Tough loss for the are some quick thoughts

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Well, if you took Mississippi State and the points, not all was most Saturday.

Here are a few quick thoughts:

1. The Bulldogs did a good job forcing turnovers in the contest, but they needed to produce a few more stops. While 51 points sounds high, it is only 10 points more than Alabama gave up.

2. Texas A&M scoring a touchdown late in the first half proved to be the difference in the game. That score made a Bulldog comeback much more difficult.

3. Special teams miscues hurt Mississippi State. The blocked punt safety and blocked field goal cost Mississippi State significant points.

4. It may have been me, but Mullen looked a bit more animated and fired up tonight.

5. Loved seeing Dak Prescott out and playing. Great game for the kid, especially given the circumstances.

6. It was a real shame Mississippi State did not run the ball more earlier in the game and start of second half.

7. Johnny Manziel should be way more in front for the Heisman. Imagine A&M without him.

What are some of your thoughts?