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Ranking the Mississippi State Football Performances of 2013

With a 6-6 regular season in the books, in which game did the Mississippi State Bulldogs turn in their best overall performance of the 2013 football season?

Butch Dill

With the regular season in the books and still over two weeks until a bowl game, a favorite activity of many fans is to go back and look at the performances of the team during the regular season. It makes great debate as there is rarely a 100% correct answer to which game of a season showed the best or the worst in a team.

Over the next twelve days, I'll take a shot at trying to rank the performances by the Mississippi State Bulldogs on the gridiron this season using a 1-5 rating in five different aspects of the game:

  1. Offensive performance: This will be adjusted based on expected outcome against a foe. For example, putting up 1000 yards against an FCS school might not be as good of a performance as a 350 yard game against another team.
  2. Defensive performance: The same idea applies to this category. Shutting down a team in a game in which I could have gotten playing time does not count as much as slowing down a good offense.
  3. Special teams: Yes, this part will be painful.
  4. Individual Performances: Did any Bulldog have a break out performance in the game? If so, how did it impact the Bulldogs' play in the game.
  5. Quality of opponent: How good was the competition the Bulldogs faced during the game?

Is this the only way to rank games? Nope. Is it the best way to rank games? Of course. What are your early thoughts on the best performances? Leave comments and vote in the poll.