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12 Days of MSU History for Christmas, Day 3: MSU's unbelievable comeback to win the '04 SEC Championship

As we countdown the final days leading up to Christmas, we thought it would be fun to give our readers a gift each day, much along the lines of the "12 days of Christmas". Each day from now until Christmas morning, we'll have a little present wrapped in Mississippi State history, tucked under the tree for you to open. Hope you enjoy!

Some of you may be asking yourselves why a game as recent as 2004 would be included in a list that features "MSU history" in it. After all, that's recent history, and the focus of this series is to cover interesting tidbits from MSU's past that many of us may not know about. This game -- this moment in time -- holds significance to me personally however, because it remains the greatest MSU game that I've witnessed in person.

I still to this day remember when Mississippi State went down by as many as 18, and as a teenager, I remember thinking "it's over." But I'll never forget my grandfather telling me to not give up hope, and then watching basket after basket go in for MSU, as the deficit dwindled to just a few.

To cap it off, Bowers' field goal right under the goal with one second left was the most unbelievable play I had ever witnessed. What I was used to, as an MSU fan, was that happening TO us, not for us. Yet there I stood in Coleman Coliseum: A witness to MSU history, and an SEC championship.

Like those who have a few years on us now tell us stories of McKeen, Shorty, Johnnie Cooks, and John Bond, I know one day I will tell my grand-kids about the day that Timmy Bowers and the 2004 Bulldog basketball team erased an 18-point deficit and won an SEC championship.

Hail State