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Photographic evidence that Dan Mullen is a Parrothead

Because even college football coaches love margaritas and island music.

Wasting away again in Gaineseritaville
Wasting away again in Gaineseritaville
Joe Kinsey --

You might think that just because college football coaches seem serious all the time and that they yell out plays and throw visors for a living, that they don't know how to have fun and relax and do normal things like the rest of us in their free time.

Well, if you do think that, you'd be wrong my friends.

Dan Mullen and Urban Meyer, best buds and noted former Tim Tebow mentors, took some time out of their extremely busy schedules recently to do what any other man their age might do on a free weekend -- attend a Jimmy Buffett concert. I would imagine the two exchanged war stories, talked about what recruits have the best glutteus maximus', and then they looked at Ohio State's 2013 schedule, and they laughed, and laughed, and laughed. One can also imagine (and hope) that at some point our beloved coach Mullen took the stage to sing along with Mr. Jim E. Buffett to his famed song "Why don't we get drunk and ....", only coach Mullen sang a slightly different version of the song, "why don't we get drunk and X-route Z-fly split diamond interchange option on 2". The crowd hated it, but he and Meyer, well they enjoyed it quite a bit.

According to Busted Coverage, the two stopped for the above quick photo op at what is presumed to be the Atlanta stop on the tour, which took place on April 30th, according to Jim's website.

ALSO: Bunkie Perkins made this impressive list of songs for you that will be featured on the duo's forthcoming summatyme album, y'all.

[image via Busted Coverage]