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NCAA Football 2014: Ladarius Perkins is MSU's top rated player

Operation Sports again wins the day with video of each team's top 10 players for the new version of the game upcoming in July.

Butch Dill

Just a few days ago we found out what MSU's team ratings looked like for this year's version of everyone's favorite college football game -- EA Sports' NCAA Football 2014 --, and today, we found out who the top ten rated players were for each team:

Player Position Rating
LaDarius Perkins (HB #27) HB 92
Gabe Jackson (LG #61) OG 91
Nikoe Whitley (FS #5) S 89
Brian Egan (K #53) K 88
Tyler Russell (QB # 17) QB 88
Baker Swedenburg (P #39) P 88
Charles Siddoway (RT #77) T 87
Josh Robinson (HB #34) HB 85
Benardrick McKinney (MLB #50) LB 85
Denico Autry (LE #91) DE 84

A few notes/thoughts on these rankings from EA Sports:

  • Seriously, no Dillon Day? The guy is one of the best centers in the SEC, and he's not ranked anywhere near the mid to high 80s? For shame, EA.
  • I listed Brian Egan as the kicker here because that number is his number from the spring depth chart, and no offense to Brian, but I think they meant this to be Devon Bell. Maybe not, I have no clue.
  • I kind of felt the same way as I did about Dillon Day about Malcolm Johnson, Quay Evans, and maybe another handful of players. Although, those guys could all be just outside of the top 10, ranked in the low 80s.
  • Two of our top 10 players are a kicker and a punter. SPECIAL TEAMS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WHAT.
  • Benardrick McKinney: way too low. If he played for Texas or Oregon he'd be like a 98 or something.
  • "CHRIS JONES SHOULD BE ON HERE, AND HE SHOULD BE 100 OVERALL" - Some people, probably.
  • Whatever, these ratings don't matter anyways. I'll just get the game and adjust them all accordingly (all 10 players adjusted up to a 99 overall, because I like my games FULL HOMER MODE, all summer long).

please note: these are assumed to be the players listed above. Remember, they aren't the actual players, they just happen to be very, very, very close to the likenesses of real players from each team, and their numbers just so happen to coincide with this handy depth chart.

[via Operation Sports]

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