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EA NCAA Football 2014 team ratings, top players revealed

MSU comes in slightly higher than last year.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

A quick note for those hungry for EA's latest installment of NCAA Football to be released -- we now have our first signal that the game's release is nearing -- the team rating have leaked.

After a quick review, it appears as if Mississippi State's ratings come in right about where they did last year:

Team Overall Rating Offense Defense Prestige


88 90 85 N/A

The N/A is because the team prestige has not yet been released. Tradition Sports, who released the ratings, says these are straight from the floor of the E3 convention.

Also released today where the top 15 players likenesses from this year's game, aka CLOWNEY, Manziel, and everyone else.

[via Tradition Sports]

[h/t KegsNeggs]