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John Cohen: Head Coach by trade, shirtless TV host for the fun of it

Video surfaces of a shirtless group of Bulldogs (including Jim Ellis) starting their television programming circa 1989.

(h/t @BrooksAyers)

It was 1989, the MSU bats were hot and so was the Hawaiian sun they would play under. Poison was rocking "Every Rose has its Thorn", Bobby Brown was doing his things on his own terms, acid wash jeans were still cool, I was born and a young sophomore slugger by the name of John Cohen was starting his television career.

While the Bulldogs played five ballgames in Hawaii going 3-2, the team suffered the rigors of all that the porous beaches, palm trees and bikinis had to offer.

The production begins with a shirtless Jim Ellis tanning while also flexing his eight pack and checking out his 30-inch biceps. A random lady enters the picture to fix her hair sprayed-riddled hair and gets to the meat of the content, John Cohen questioning teammate Scott Mitchell on numerous things including his supposed triathlon experiences and future mountain climbing endeavors, Richard Akins, Tommy Parks legs and Coach Polk's pitching decisions.

Mitchell, a boisterous 5-8, 146 pounder, goes through his strength regiments and stretching routine. High quality information.

Meanwhile, a mysterious man with chest hair the Bench Mobb would shudder over lays motionless in the background. This is a much watch. See for yourselves.

(While the video says 1988, it appears this was during the 1989 season.)