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This Week in MSU Baseball: The Final Statistical Outlook

Rounding up the final SEC and NCAA stats as well as where the Bulldogs ranked in MSU baseball history.

Stephen Dunn

As the baseball season has drawn to a close, it's fun to look back at the season that was. Throughout the year, we chronicled the team's success and the players that built that success. Now we'd like to look at just how successful they were around the country, conference and in the history of Mississippi State's storied program.

Obviously, the Bulldogs' finishing second in the College World Series meant that they would finish number two in the country in every poll. With a good part of the lineup returning, expect next year's team to be a consensus top 10 team.

Now for the final rankings for this Bulldog team around the country and conference...

Individual Offense

Batting Average: 8th- Adam Frazier (.352); 11th - Hunter Renfroe (.345)

Hits: 1st (1st in NCAA)- Frazier (107); 5th (T-26th in NCAA) - Renfroe (88); T-12th- Alex Detz (76)

Slugging %: 2nd (31st in NCAA) - Renfroe (.620); 13th- Frazier (.464)

On Base %: 4th- Detz (.449); 9th- Renfroe (.431)

Runs Scored: 2nd-Frazier (T-22nd in NCAA) (62); 5th-Renfroe (56)

RBI: 3rd (T-18th in NCAA)- Renfore (65)

Doubles: 1st- Frazier (T-36th in NCAA) (20); T-9th- Renfroe (16)

Triples: T-1st (T-6th in NCAA) - Frazier (7)

Home Runs: T-1st (T-9th in NCAA) - Renfroe (16); T-7th- Wes Rea (7)

Total Bases: 1st (7th in NCAA)- Renfroe (158); 4th (T-28th in NCAA)- Frazier (141)

Walks: 2nd (T-9th in NCAA) -Alex Detz (53); T-11th- Renfroe (35)

Hit by Pitch: 3rd (T-22nd in NCAA)-Brett Pirtle (20)

At Bats: 1st- Frazier (304); 5th-C.T. Bradford (261); 6th- Renfroe (255); 15th- Detz (239)

Team Batting

Batting Average: 3rd (.295)

Hits: 2nd (3rd in NCAA) (713)

Slugging %: 5th (.385)

On Base %: 3rd (.382)

Runs Scored: 3rd (T-23rd in NCAA) (414)

RBI: 3rd (370)

Doubles: 3rd (104)

Triples: 4th (15)

Home Runs: 7th (30)

Total Bases: 3rd (937)

At Bats: 1st (2432)

Walks: 3rd (T-12th in NCAA) (287)

Hit by Pitch: 3rd (82)

Stolen Bases: 5th (58)

Team/Individual Defense and Pitching

Earned Run Average: 4th (17th in NCAA) (2.79) Leaders: Ross Mitchell- 3rd (15th in NCAA)- (1.53)

Opposing Batting Average: 4th (.227) Leaders: R. Mitchell-11th (.214)

Innings Pitched: 1st (642.1) Leader: Kendall Graveman- 4th (113.2); R. Mitchell-13th (94.0)

Strikeouts: 1st (3rd in NCAA) (588) Leader: Jonathan Holder- 7th (90); Chad Girodo-T8th (82)

Wins: 3rd (51) Leaders: R. Mitchell- 2nd (T-3rd in NCAA) (13); Chad Girodo- 7th (T-48th in NCAA) (9); Graveman- T-8th (8)

Saves: T-1st (24) Leader: Jonathan Holder- 1st (T-3rd in NCAA)- (21)

Appearances: Leader: Chad Girodo- 3rd (36); R. Mitchell and Holder- T-4th (34)

Games Started: Leader: Graveman - 1st (19)

(Least Amount) Hits: 12th (533) Leaders: R. Mitchell- T-14th- (72)

(Least Amount) Earned Runs: 9th (199) Leader: R. Mitchell- 5th- (16)

(Least Amount) Doubles: 6th (71); Leader: R. Mitchell- T-8th (9)

(Least Amount) Triples: T-3rd (6) Leaders: R. Mitchell and Pollorena -T-1st (0)

(Least Amount) Home Runs: T-4th (21) Leaders: R. Mitchell and Pollorena- T-5th (2)

(Least Amount) Intentional Walks: 1st (3)

Fielding %: 8th (.971)

Chances: 1st (2843) Leader: Wes Rea- 5th (523)

Putouts: 1st (1927) Leaders: Rea- 4th (488); Nick Ammirati- 13th (395)

Assists: 1st (834) Leaders: Frazier-1st (240); Pirtle- 4th (184)

Double Plays: T-1st (T-2nd in NCAA) (80) Leaders: Frazier-2nd (63); Rea- 6th (50); Pirtle-T-8th (44)

Now let's see where this team stacks up against the rest of MSU history...

Individual Records Set

Single Game

At Bats: Adam Frazier- 8 vs. Missouri (Tied with four players)

Hits: Frazier- 6 vs. Virginia (Tied with four players)

Single Season

Games Played: Frazier- 71 (Tied with seven players, 1990)

At Bats: Frazier-304 (Previous Record: 287; David Mitchell, 1990)

Hits: Frazier-107 (Previous Record: 103; Brian Wiese, 1998)

Winning Percentage: Ross Mitchell- 1.000- 13-0 (Tied with Frank Montgomery, 1962)

Saves: Jonathan Holder- 21 (Previous Record: 13; Van Johnson, 1997)

Putouts (Shortstop): Frazier- 120 (Previous Record: 114; Thomas Berkery, 2006)

Assists (Shortstop): Frazier- 241 (Previous Record: 207; Frazier, 2012)

Assists (Second Base): Brett Pirtle- 185 (Previous Record: 181; Scott Davidson, 1994)

Chances (Shortstop): Frazier- 375 (Previous Record: 350;Jon Shave, 1990)


Saves: Holder- 30 (Previous Record: 29; Van Johnson, 1995-98)

Team Records Set

Single Game

At Bats: 62, vs Missouri [17 innings] (Previous Record: 61; vs. Ole Miss, 1963)

Innings Pitched: 17, vs. Missouri (Tied: at Ole Miss, 4/29/2007)

Putouts: 51, vs. Missouri ( Previous Record: 45; four times)

Single Season

Innings Pitched: 642.1 (Previous Record: 616.0; 1990)

Saves: 24 (Previous Record: 21; 1998 and 2012)

Putouts: 1927 (Previous Record: 1848; 1990)

Assists: 834 (Previous Record: 786; 2012)

Chances: 2843 (Previous Record: 2705; 1990)

Double Plays: 80 (Previous Record: 71; 2012)

Games Played: 71 (Tied: 1990)

Postseason Ranking: #2 (Previous Record: #3; 1985)

College World Series Wins: 3 (Previous Record: 2; 1985)

Postseason Wins: 11 (Previous Record: 9; 1990)

Top 10s



At Bats: Frazier-1st- 304

Hits: Frazier-1st-107

Triples: Frazier-2nd-7

Walks: Alex Detz-T-9th-53

Games Played: Frazier-T-1st-71


ERA: Chad Girodo-8th-1.36

Winning Percentage: R. Mitchell-1st-1.000

Wins: R. Mitchell-T-5th-13

Starts: Kendall Graveman-T-7th-19

Appearances: Girodo-3rd-36

Holder & R. Mitchell-T-4th-34

Relief Appearances: Girodo-3rd-36

Holder/R. Mitchell-T-4th-34

Saves: Holder-1st-21


Losses: Graveman-T-6th-13

Starts: Graveman-T-6th-48

Appearances: Girodo-5th-83

Innings Pitched: Graveman-5th-310.0

Relief Appearances: Girodo-4th-78

Saves: Holder-1st-30


Games Played: 71-T-1st

Wins: 51-2nd

Winning Streak: 17-2nd

At Bats: 2432-4th

Innings Pitched: 642.1-1st

Strikeouts: 588-2nd

Saves: 24-1st

Fielding %: .971-5th

Putouts: 1927-1st

Assists: 834-1st

Double Plays: 80-1st