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Congrats to WCF on the new gig

WCF has landed a top notch position for Rivals

It's a bittersweet day at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls as one of our writers, WinstonCountysFinest, will be leaving us to become the senior writer at, the Rivals publication for MSU sports. Congratulations to the pride of Winston Academy.

WCF (Robbie) told us all about the news yesterday afternoon, and when he did I was so happy for him (as we all were, ha). In case you didn't know, Robbie has been working within the MSU athletic department under guys like Gregg Ellis and Kyle Nibblett for years and has really paid his dues for an opportunity like this. Now he'll be on the other side of things as a member of the media - and I know he'll do a great job.

I remember when I first met Robbie last summer. He was looking for someone to fill in for his co-host on "Cheap Labor" - his podcast on Bulldog Sports Radio. On a whim I joined up with him to record a show and had a great time talking about Mississippi State. I quickly learned of his affinity for MSU, so thecristilmethod and I decided he would be a great addition to our staff at FWtCT. Over the past year he has published a ton of great content for everyone to enjoy on the site. Along the way I think he even became the unofficial Diamond Dawg stat guru.

Sometimes I feel like Robbie is my brother from another mother the way he is so opinionated and loves to debate. Then other times I think he must be Justin's brother the way he loves rasslin' so much. Either way, the whole staff is really proud of him (even Braden).

Be sure to follow him on twitter @robbiefaulk and when he starts his position on August 1st, be sure to make Bulldog Blitz part of your daily rotation for MSU sports and check him out there.

And as is it only fair, as the guy who gives beat writers hell, I will not let Robbie get away with anything if he starts turning into one of those media turds. But I'm sure he won't (just ignore the selfies).