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Ole Miss Compliance Ducking for Cover

We all know they are cheating - now we get to watch them try to cover it up


Yesterday the Commercial Appeal released a story saying that Ole Miss compliance determined there were no violations committed after reviewing 85 e-mails sent to them in reference to Hugh Freeze's twitter charge for anyone with specific knowledge of a violation to e-mail their compliance department with the information. With one caveat, however: OM is keeping 31 e-mails because the information contained within would be a violation if proven accurate.

To review: Ole Miss had 85 e-mails sent to them. They released 54 of them because they were just a bunch of crap that meant nothing. But they are keeping 31 of them. They say no violations occurred, but they also say "the 31 contain information, that if supported or collaborated, could potentially lead to a violation". In other words, they have halfheartedly investigated these matters and COMMERCIAL APPEAL WHY ARE YOU BRINGING THIS BACK UP?!

The whole premise of this is dumb. Hugh Freeze is basically asking MSU fans, and a handful of other SEC fans who are disgruntled, to report the violations they are claiming happened. Who in their right mind is going to send an ACTUAL violation to the Ole Miss compliance department so they can cover it up? PSA TO OLD TIMERS AND YOUNGINS: THEIR COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENT IS NOT LIKE OURS - THEY WILL BURY IT AND NOT REPORT TO THE NCAA. IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION AGAINST THEM, DO NOT TELL THEM ABOUT IT. SEND IT THROUGH THE APPROPRIATE CHANNELS (which isn't the MSU compliance department) SO THEY WILL BE PUNISHED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF WHATEVER IS IN THAT BUILDING IN INDIANAPOLIS.

Did you click on that link to the story? Well, I viewed it in its entirety last night. But not this morning. The Commercial Appeal has decided to make that a subscriber story. Hmmmm. How did that happen? Did Ole Miss send a strong message to them about publishing articles against them so they decide to make sure it is hard to read (now that they have already published it and would have egg on their face if they took it down completely). I wish our compliance department would have beat down the door of the Columbus Dispatch last August and dictated to a paper 1/10 the size of the Memphis paper what they can and can't publish.


Ole Miss. Hopefully there will be more summer entertainment vis-a-vis recruiting violations.