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Mississippi State Football Roster Changes

The official MSU football roster has been updated and few things stand out.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Like a lot of sports fans I am in 100% football prep mode right now. I spent the weekend getting my mind right by looking at predictions and depth-charts for the upcoming college football season. Today I got really excited when I noticed that MSU's 2013 media guide is out (HOW DID I MISS THIS?) and therefore an updated roster is out as well.

The first thing I usually look at with a new roster is the freshmen. Sure, I want to see what numbers they will be wearing because I'm a nerd like that, but I also want to see if anyone is missing. One signee is missing: Donald Gray. It has been long rumored that he would be a grade casualty, but hopefully the speedy wide receiver can get enrolled in time for the season. Another missing name is that of wide receiver Michael Carr. Carr left the team in the spring of 2012 due to some personal issues, but had been working out with the team as a walk-on this spring. He was listed on the spring game roster, but it looks like he may be off the team again.

I could be imagining things, but there seem to be a lot more number changes than usual.

Number Changes (2012 Number -- 2013 Number):

Nickoe Whitley: #5 -- #1

Jay Hughes: #30 -- #3

Jamerson Love: #24 -- #5

Zach Jackson: #45 -- #8

Brandon Holloway: #80 -- #10

Deontae Skinner: #51 -- #11

Robert Johnson: #81 - #12

Gus Walley: #89 -- #19

Taveze Calhoun: #37 -- #23

Deonte Evans #17 -- #24

Kendrick Market: #46 -- #26

Other Notes:

We've Got Length: Our defensive ends are tall. Really tall. Ryan Brown, Torrey Dale, Preston Smith and Denico Autry are all listed at 6'6. The offense sports some tall guys too. Tight end Rufus Warren and offensive linemen Charles Siddoway, Justin Malone, and Blaine Clausell are listed as being 6'7. Damien Robinson is the tallest on the team at 6'8.

The Beef: Seventeen players weigh 300 lbs or more. Nick James wins the heaviest player award weighing in at 345 lbs.

Mossin': Cue the Randy Moss references. Jeremey Chapelle, a 6'3 receiver, will be wearing #84 for the Maroon and White.