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Top Plays in MSU Football History: No. 55-Jamar Chaney Says Hello to Shay Hodge

For most of the 2007 Egg Bowl, the Bulldogs looked down and out. The team then came to life for 14 quick points to tie, and Jamar Chaney's hit on Shay Hodge forced Ole Miss to give Mississippi State the ball one last time. The Bulldogs took advantage, kicking the game winning field goal.

In the game of football, there are hits, and then, there are hits. No one will ever for get Jamar Chaney's hit on Shay Hodge with under one minute to play in the 2007 Egg Bowl, a game in which Mississippi State found themselves behind for a majority of the game.

After a furious fourth quarter rally (spoiler alert), the Rebels had the ball and a chance to score a game winning field goal. Had the Rebels done so, things might have looked much different after the game. Mississippi State would have only had six wins, and talk at the time focused on the Bulldogs maybe being shut out of a bowl with only six wins. Ed Ogeron, who was let go by Ole Miss after the loss, might would have had a chance to hang on to his job with a win.

That chance for a field goal came to a sudden stop when Chaney leveled his hit on Hodge on 3rd and 11 from inside the Mississippi State 20.

The Bulldogs went on to kick a field goal, win the game 17-14, and go on to a victory over Central Florida in the Liberty Bowl.