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Mississippi State Football 30 for 30: No. 30--Bumphis Burns La Tech Bulldogs

In a play that turned out to be extremely important for Mississippi State's overtime victory against La Tech, Chad Bumphis takes what looks to be a disaster and makes it a masterpiece.

From a standpoint of talent and pure athleticism, Chad Bumphis ranks as one of the best wide receivers to play in Starkville. One play that showcased all of his talent came in the 2011 season against Louisiana Tech.

With the game scoreless in the first quarter, Bumphis took a booming punt from the Bulldogs from Ruston, bobbled it a bit and then made most of the Louisiana Tech coverage team miss him on the return to put the Bulldogs ahead 7-0. The touchdown proved to be huge because Mississippi State needed all the points they could get as they won this game 26-20 in overtime.