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30 for 30 (+1) countdown

MSU Top Plays No. 2: Stopping Bama in 1980

In a game that many feel is the greatest victory in Mississippi State history, the Bulldogs forced a fumble near the goal line to stop Alabama from scoring a game winning touchdown, and later, recovered another fumble to preserve the win.

Top MSU Plays No. 3: Prentiss PR against Tennessee

In all the years since 1941, Mississippi State has not been closer to an SEC football championship than they were after Kevin Prentiss put the Bulldogs ahead on a punt return with about 9:00 to play in the 1998 SEC Championship.

Top Plays in MSU History: Block in '41 Orange Bowl

Even though it was over 70 years ago, there was a time that Mississippi State was a dominant as any team in the country. The highlight of those years under Allyn McKeen may have been the 1941 Orange Bowl which saw the Bulldogs knock off the Georgeto

Top MSU Play No.5: Madkin leads comeback vs. Arky

Mississippi State has only made one trip to the SEC championship game. Wayne Madkin, a freshman, engineered a great drive to put the Bulldogs in position for a game winning field goal to get there.

Top MSU Play No. 6: 3rd and 57

A play in a game that Mississippi State Bulldog fans will long remember, Florida faced a rare 3rd and 57 before taking a safety in the Gators' visit to Starkville in 2000.

MSU Top Plays No. 7: Hazelwood's FG beat Arky

With a field goal that stirred debate, Brian Hazelwood kicked a field goal that capped off a charge to hand Mississippi State their first chance at playing for an SEC Championship

Top Plays No 8: Don Smith lead win over UT in '86

The Bulldogs rallied from a deficit and made a final stand to watch Mississippi State defeat No. 8 Tennessee on the road in 1986.

MSU 30 for 30: Top Play No. 9, Norwood sinks UF

In one of the most memorable plays at Mississippi State, Jerious Norwood finds the end zone to beat the Florida Gators.

MSU 30 for 30: Matt Wyatt Stuns Auburn in 1999

In what proved to be one of several amazing finishes of the 1999 season, Matt Wyatt came off the bench to replace an injured Wayne Madkin and led the Bulldogs on two touchdown drives in the closing minutes to help MSU move to 6-0 and stun Auburn.

MSU 30 for 30: No. 10, Derricks picks Auburn

Anthony Derricks's interception helped Mississippi State defeat a ranked Auburn team on the accomplishment that the Bulldogs would wait nearly a decade to accomplish again.

MSU 30 for 30: Top Play No. 12-Bulldogs Stun UT

In his first action in college play, Peyton Manning almost steered the Tennessee Volunteers to a victory in Starkville, but a late fumble and fantastic touchdown drive thwarted those plans.

MSU 30 for 30: Top Play No. 13-Relf Owns Ole Miss

One way to cement your status in the history of your school in college football is to dominate your rival. Chris Relf did that for the Bulldogs three times against Ole Miss, making him a player that will never be forgotten at Mississippi State.

MSU 30 for 30: Play 14-Dicenzo Owns BYU

Thursday night held special magic for Mississippi State at the height of the Jackie Sherrill era. Dicenzo Miller provided some of that during a Thursday night match up against BYU in Provo.

MSU 30 for 30: Top Play 15, Banks Pick-6 of Tebow

The 2009 season may have ended with a losing record, but most Mississippi State fans felt it proved that Dan Mullen was the right guy to lead the program. The Bulldogs fight against Florida, powered by two Johnthan Banks TDs, helped lead to that.

30 for 30: Play 16 -- Pegues' punt return vs. OM

Down 14 headed into the final quarter of play, MSU was all but dead in the 2007 Egg Bowl. With just over two minutes left in the game, Derek Pegues fielded an Ole Miss punt at the 25 yard line and took it all the way to the house, reviving MSU.

MSU 30 for 30: No. 17, Madkin's Peachy Touchdown

Going into the 1999 Peach Bowl, the Mississippi State Bulldogs had not won a bowl game since the 1981 Hall of Fame Bowl. With great defense and two fourth quarter touchdowns, the Bulldogs put an end to that streak.

MSU 30 for 30: Top Play No. 18: AJ 100-yard INT

In 2007, the MIssissippi State Bulldogs just found a way to win when they needed to do so. One play that best represents this opportunistic team was Anthony Johnson's 100-yard pick-six in the closing minute of the first half against Alabama.

MSU 30 for 30: Top Play No. 19, AD Drags Houston

Anthony Dixon is a beloved figure at Mississippi State for many reasons. This touchdown run, where he carried Houston defenders down the field is one of them.

MSU 30 for 30: Top play No. 20, Jack's last call

For most every living Mississippi State fan, Jack Cristli's voice was the sound track of the Bulldog's greatest moments. His final football game was Mississippi State's thrashing of Michigan in the Gator Bowl.

MSU 30 for 30: Top Plays, No. 21--Morgan at BYU

Everyone remembers the hard hits from Josh Morgan, but he did much more. He put some of that talent on display with a 98-yard fumble recovery and touchdown agains BYU in 2000.

MSU Top Plays No 22: Last Minute Drive Tops UK

Mississippi State did not always win big to start 8-0 in 1999, but they sure made the close ones interesting. Trailing Kentucky with under two minutes to play, Matt Wyatt led a game-winning drive capped off by a field goal from Scott Westerfield.

MSU 30 for 30: Top MSU Plays: Bumphis '09 Egg Bowl

In a game that changed the momentum of the Mississippi State-Ole Miss Rivalry, Chad Bumphis made a few nifty moves, breaking loose for a touchdown against Ole Miss.

MSU 30 for 30: Top Play 24: Sirmones is still open

It looked like the exciting 1999 regular season was about to reach a dud of a conclusion for Mississippi State. The Bulldogs trailed the the Ole Miss Rebels 20-13 with under two minutes to play. Then all of that happened....

MSU 30 for 30-Top Play 25: Willie Blade Blocks It

Neither Mississippi State nor Texas A&M had to feel very comfortable in the snow in Shreveport. The 2000 Independence Bowl saw the Bulldogs twice rally from a 14-point deficit to force overtime, where they picked up the win over the Aggies.

MSU 30 for 30: Play 26-Dicenzo Dominates Florida

The Mississippi State Bulldogs played host to the No. 3 Florida Gators in their home opener after starting the season 2-1 on the road. The Bulldogs did not disappoint their fans, who rushed the field following the victory.

MSU 30 for 30: Play 27-Glen Young 100 Yard return

Glen Young became the first Mississippi State player to return a kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown. The play pushed the Bulldogs in front of LSU on their way to a 55-31 victory.

MSU 30 for 30: Ducre Seals MSU Win in Lexington

Not having beaten a ranked foe on the road in a 3647 days, Christian Ducre's late fourth quarter touchdown closed the door on No. 14 Kentucky, giving Mississippi State a 31-14 win, their fifth of the season.

MSU 30 for 30-Top Play 29-AD Seals Liberty for MSU

In a game featuring a record for punts by Blake McAdams, Anthony Dixon provided the Bulldogs with an offensive highlight, scoring on a one-yard plunge to give the Bulldogs their first bowl victory since the 2000 Independence Bowl.

Bumphis Breaks a Big One

With a scoreless tie taking place in the first quarter in Starkville, Chad Bumphis put the Bulldogs ahead of Louisiana Tech with a punt return touchdown that looked like it had disaster written all over it at first.

Top MSU Football Plays: No. 54-Ray Ray in Wildcat

While it was not the first time in history such a play was called, it is a play from the 2001 Egg Bowl that most Mississippi State fans will always love. It was a rare moment of Mississippi State running a cutting-edge offense.

Top Plays No. 55: Chaney's Exclamation Point

For most of the 2007 Egg Bowl, the Bulldogs looked down and out. The team came to life for 14 quick points, and Jamar Chaney's hit on Shay Hodge forced Ole Miss to give Mississippi State the ball one last time, leading to a game winning field goal.

No. 56: Bumphis in Back of the End Zone at Troy

The Mississippi State Bulldogs looked to be in danger of falling on the road at Troy, but Chad Bumphis, in the midst of a career day, made a spectacular catch to help Mississippi State pull away late from the Troy Trojans in Troy.