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Mississippi State Football 30 for 30: Top Play No. 20, Jack Cristil's Last Call

Coming into the 2010 football season, no one knew that it would be the final season of Jack Cristil's legendary 58-year career at Mississippi State. His final football call ended with a Mississippi State victory over the Michigan Wolverines in the Gator Bowl.

Trying to wrap one's head around Jack Cristil's career at Mississippi State provides a challenge. No one stays at one job for 58 years, especially in the world of sports. Coaches are hired to be fired. Players are just on scholarship, or in the professional ranks, looking for the next big contract. Beat writers and broadcasters are looking for the next step up the ladder. Seriously, who really works for 58 years after college much anymore, especially in one place?

Jack Cristil did, and because of that, his is the voice that most Bulldog fans think of when they think of Mississippi State athletic events. Cristil never looked to sugarcoat things, and he did not shy from doling out harsh words when needed. His signature phrases will always be popular for Bulldog fans.

If one wonders how much of Bulldog athletics Cristil's career spans, here are a few ideas to help explain. He was hired by athletic director Dudy Noble in 1953. He called 636 football games (over 60% of the Bulldog's games on the gridiron) and 1538 basketball games (over 50% of the Bulldog's games on the hardwood).

Going into the 2010 season, no one knew that would be Cristil's final year behind the mic for the football squad. Medical issues forced him to announce his retirement following Mississippi State's 84-82 loss to LSU in basketball. The Bulldogs picked up a win in his final call, a 70-69 win at Tennessee. It is fitting that his final game in both football and basketball were Bulldog victories, allowing him to tell the fans to wrap a win in Maroon and White.