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Mississippi State Football 30 for 30: Top Play No. 19, Dixon Drags Houston

Mississippi State fans have had a history of loving their running backs. Players like J.J. Johnson, Dicenzo Miller, Jerious Norwood, and Anthony Dixon have all found special places in the hearts of Bulldog fans. Plays such as this one by Dixon are one of the reason why.

In 2009, Dan Mullen took over a Mississippi State program that had not seen much success in the 2000s. In his first year, he came up half a yard short of an upset against LSU, and a blown illegal forward pass call from beating Houston to give Mississippi State 7 wins. Instead, the Bulldogs had to settle for five with a beating of Ole Miss included.

While there were blown calls against the Cougars, one thing that went right was this touchdown run by Anthony Dixon. The power, drive, stamina, and will to score such a touchdown cannot be described. One of the most fantastic runs in Mississippi State football history occurred that day in Davis-Wade Stadium.