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FWtCT Season Preview: Defensive Tackle

State is loaded up with some young talent on the defensive front.

Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

1st string

P.J. Jones - Comes back from a season that got off to a slow start due to a 4-game suspension but that is behind him now. He's a junior this year with a lot of potential.

Kaleb Eulls - He's started all 26 games in his career at DE but now moves inside where he should have at least been last year.

2nd string

Curtis Virges - Here's a guy that hasn't made a lot of noise in his time at State but he's got some talent and State will probably need him to play a fair amount of snaps this year.

Nick James - 6'-5" 345, wow he's big and has all the talent you could want. Question is will he stay motivated and focused to get on the field, and stay on it. If he does we will see a lot of him.

3rd string

Quay Evans - The 5-star many are looking to as someone needing to take the next step. Like Nick James, he just needs to work at it, all the talent is there. If so, he'll figure heavily into the rotation.

Nelson Adams - Redshirt freshman doing well in practice and will be looking for any snaps he can get.

State really needs four guys out of these six to play well to be solid at DT. There is talent across the board - no one was less than a 3-star out of high school, and there are two 4's (Jones, James) and a 5.

If things aren't going to plan could all 300 pounds of Chris Jones sneak in at DT and play a few snaps from time to time? Maybe.

The defense did pretty well in 2010 and 2011 when Fletcher Cox and Josh Boyd were teaming up for a power duo in the middle. More of that would be appreciated again in 2013. The question is will the young talent translate into consistent play?