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Mississippi State Football 2013 Impact Players: No. 17, Dak Prescott

Perhaps the player with the most volatile ranking on the countdown, Dak Prescott will see playing time in meaningful situations. The amount of such playing time could make him climb the list if revisited at a later date.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

In 2012, the Dak Attack took the field in every game except the Mississippi State Bulldog's visit to Troy, and it resulted in eight touchdowns (four passing, four rushing) for Mississippi State.

The most significant of Prescott's touchdown plays came against Tennessee. With the Bulldogs trailing 7-3 in the second quarter, Prescott, who had only attempted six passes to that point in the season, faked a run before pulling back and finding a wide-open Marcus Green for a touchdown, the first passing touchdown of Prescott's career. Prescott also put the Bulldogs ahead 7-0 against LSU on a first quarter touchdown pass to Green to finish off a drive.

Prescott's other touchdown to come in a significant part of a football game came on a four-yard, third quarter touchdown run to give Mississippi State a 24-14 lead over Arkansas. His other rushing touchdowns came against Jackson State, South Alabama, and Middle Tennessee. His other passing touchdowns came late against Alabama and Ole Miss.

There is no doubt that Tyler Russell is the starting quarterback of this football team. However, there is no doubt that Dan Mullen and company will find ways to play Prescott in the 2013 season, and should injury strike Tyler Russell, Prescott will be the man to take over the offense. The dynamic is similar to Chris Relf's senior season.

When the staff decides to use Prescott and how he will perform remain to be seen, but should he continue to prove to be a threat in important situations, he may be much more of an impact player in 2013 than this ranking indicates.