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MSU Impact Players for 2013, No. 1: Tyler Russell

Quarterback play is important: as if that isn't the most obvious statement ever made. Mississippi State's quarterback, Tyler Russell, played quite well last season, breaking school records, and leading MSU to eight wins. But it was a disgruntled eight wins, and Tyler was not the same in big games. As a senior, can one of the best quarterbacks in MSU history step up and shine in the big game? He'll get that chance early.

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MSU Impact Players for 2013, No. 2: B. McKinney

Recruiting rankings don't always get 'em right. Benardrick McKinney was a two-star linebacker out of Rosa Fort. He had very few offers. He was rated as the #149 best player at his position for the 2011 recruiting class. Last fall, that two-star, 149th best LB finished 8th overall in the SEC with 102 tackles as a redshirt freshman. Can he step up and be the centerpiece of this defense yet again?

Countdown to 2013 MSU Football

MSU Impact Players for '13, No. 3: Blaine Clausell

You've got to be able to protect the blind side in football. It's an essential part of the game, and one that's separated good teams from great ones over the years. The man charged with that task this year is Blaine Clausell.

MSU Impact Players for 2013, No. 4: Gabe Jackson

You can't put a price tag on top shelf talent on the offensive front, and MSU's Gabe Jackson is as top shelf as it gets in the SEC in 2013. For State to have a successful season in 2013, the Bulldogs will need a big year from the future 1st rounder

Burning Questions: Which Bulldogs will be All-SEC?

Being named to an All-SEC team has become pretty tough business in college football. In a conference with great players at every position, which Bulldogs are the most likely to represent Mississippi State on such lists.

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No.5 Denico Autry

Denico's 2012 wasn't quite what many State fans expected out of the ultra talented end. With a new, more aggressive defensive philosophy and a year in the SEC under his belt, can State fans expect big things from him this fall?

A New Depth Chart and a New Look at impact Players

With the release of Mississippi State's first game week depth chart of the 2013 season, it was time to start reexamining the list of 25 impact players for 2013.

Burning Questions: How Will MSU fare in the last 5

The Mississippi State Bulldogs swooned to close out 2012 after a 7-0 start. With a difficult finish to close the season, can Mississippi State avoid a similar tumble to close this season.

Impact Players for 2013, No. 6: Taveze Calhoun

The sophomore product of Morton surprised many when he was listed as the starter at CB opposite of Jameson Love earlier in the week. Can he live up to expectations, and is he ready for the big test the first week against Oklahoma State?

Top MSU Play No. 6: 3rd and 57

A play in a game that Mississippi State Bulldog fans will long remember, Florida faced a rare 3rd and 57 before taking a safety in the Gators' visit to Starkville in 2000.

Burning Questions-Who won't be at MSU in 2014

One constant with college football is change. Players graduate and leave. New players come into a program. Coaches come and coaches go. Which one is most likely to leave Starkville before 2014.

Impact Players for 2013, No. 7: Robert Johnson

Can the wide receiver step up and become a big part of MSU's offense in 2013?

Impact Players for 2013, No. 8: Nickoe Whitley

The senior safety comes in at #8 on our list of most important Bulldogs for 2013.

Burning Questions-Which game is the biggest of 13?

There are several games on the schedule that the Bulldogs would like to win, 12 in fact. Which one is the most important one for Mississippi State to win?

Your crazy uncle Frank predicts MSU's 2013 season

We all have a crazy uncle: he drinks at family events, he is the foremost expert on everything. And, for your benefit, here he is to predict MSU's 2013 football season.

Football is Almost Here

a guide to the key games in the SEC this year

10 Burning Questions: Mullen's seat heating up?

Some Mississippi State fans are beginning to question if Dan is really The Man at Mississippi State. If the Bulldogs falter to a losing season, will Dan Mullen find himself on the hot seat?

MSU Position Preview: Quarterback

The most important position on the field

10 Burning Questions: What do you want to see?

Every football fan always has an idea of what type of plays they would call if they were on the sideline. Today, the For Whom the Cowbell Tolls crew takes a stab at what they would do if they were making the call.

MSU Position Preview: Running Back

Perhaps the most deep backfield MSU has had in years

10 Burning Questions-Which win will be MSU's best?

One of the more enjoyable things to do in the preseason is scroll through a schedule and try to pick the wins and losses for your team. The gang at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls did just that to try to find the biggest win for the Bulldogs in 2013.

MSU 30 for 30: Matt Wyatt Stuns Auburn in 1999

In what proved to be one of several amazing finishes of the 1999 season, Matt Wyatt came off the bench to replace an injured Wayne Madkin and led the Bulldogs on two touchdown drives in the closing minutes to help MSU move to 6-0 and stun Auburn.

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No. 10, Dillon Day

A junior center, Dillon Day has started his last 21 ball games for Mississippi State, and he has twice been named to the Remington Award watch list. Coming into the 2013 season, he will play an important role to help the offensive line improve.

2013 MSU Impact Players: No. 10 Justin Cox

The Mississippi State Bulldogs will be looking to replace a great deal of talent in the secondary. Incoming cornerback Justin Cox can go a long way to easing that transition.

MSU 30 for 30: No. 10, Derricks picks Auburn

Anthony Derricks's interception helped Mississippi State defeat a ranked Auburn team on the accomplishment that the Bulldogs would wait nearly a decade to accomplish again.

2013 MSU Position Preview: Wide Receiver

What wideouts will emerge for the Bulldogs in 2013?

10 Burning Questions for MSU Football in 2013

Coming into the season, every team has a few questions to answer. The staff at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls attempts to answer those questions for MSU. Question Number 10: Who will emerge as the go-to man in the Bulldogs' passing game in 2013.

2013 MSU Position Preview: Tight End

For a position that typically only has one player on the field at a time, State sure has a lot of them

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No. 12-Kaleb Eulls

Having found the spotlight for his heroic actions on a school bus in high school, Kaleb Eulls hopes the spotlight follows him for his outstanding play along the Mississippi State defensive line in 2013.

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No. 13-Deontae Skinner

As one of two returning starting linebackers for Mississippi State, Deontae Skinner as well as Benardrick McKinney will feel the pressure to be anchors for a revamped Bulldog defense.

2013 Position Preview: Cornerback

New CB coach Deshea Townsend will be tasked with bringing up some young athletes at MSU's most vulnerable position

MSU 2013 Impact Players: No. 14-Jameon Lewis

With the Mississippi State Bulldogs having to replace nearly all of their production from the wide receiver position, Jameon Lewis will be expected to play a large role in that process.

MSU 2013 Impact Players, No.15: Jay Hughes

Last year, Jay Hughes pushed for a starting job until the beginning of the season. In 2013, he will be the starter at strong safety for Mississippi State.

Impact Players, No. 16: P.J. Jones

Starting defensive tackle