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MSU 30 for 30: Top Plays in Bulldog Football History: No. 14--Dicenzo Owns BYU

Thursday nights proved to be a special time for Mississippi State from 1998-2000 as the Bulldogs went 5-1 on Thursdays during that time. One Thursday night in Provo, Dicenzo Miller made a special play happen.

During the height of the Jackie Sherrill era, there seemed to be magic in the air for the Bulldogs when they played on Thursday night. From 1998-2000, the Bulldogs picked up five straight victories on Thursday nights, knocking off Ole Miss (98), Kentucky (99), Ole Miss (99), Clemson (99), and BYU (00).

All of the games proved to be special for different reasons. In 1998, the Bulldogs beat Ole Miss on the way to the SEC championship game. In 1999, late game heroics led Mississippi State to victories over Kentucky and Ole Miss, and later, the victory in the Peach Bowl gave Mississippi State its first bowl victory since 1981.

The 2000 victory over BYU stands out because the Bulldogs demolished the Cougars out west.

In this demolition of BYU, the Mississippi State defense scored three touchdowns, and Dicenzo Miller made this play happen. After catching a short pass from Wayne Madkin, Miller made what seem like the entire BYU defense miss tackles on his way to a near-80 yard touchdown.