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Ten Burning Questions for Mississippi State in 2013-No. 9: What will be the Bulldogs' Biggest win of 2013?

The gang over at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls tries to answer the biggest questions going into 2013.

Butch Dill

Last week we asked if Mississippi State had a guaranteed victory to use at any time, which team should they use it against? Today, the crew tries to answer the following question: What will be the Bulldogs' biggest win in the 2013 season.

Says Metal Building Dawg: LSU - I love the way things set up for this game with the scheduling, being in Starkville, and probably a night game. I think our offensive line can have a great game, and I think we get a big INT from one of our young corners to seal the deal.

From thecristilmethod: I'm NOT going to say LSU, because all that would happen is we would lead them by 17 going into the fourth quarter, only to have them mount a comeback, capped off a by a go-ahead touchdown with 30 seconds to play. That's just how they do people, especially us. To me, the biggest win could come November 2nd at South Carolina. I'm just not convinced that State can't hang with them. Granted, if South Carolina plays like they did against Georgia last year, then we may not have a prayer, but on paper, I like State's matchups with them (if we can block Clowney) better than I do Texas A&M, Alabama, LSU, or Auburn.

From robnoladog: Oklahoma St. I am tempted to say LSU, but I have a good feeling about the OSU game. Mullen and Co. have spent the last eight months with a bad taste in their mouths after a disappointing finish in 2012. My hope is that the team has been working overtime to shake that disappointment out of their system and will be ready to take it out on the Cowboys. We should be able to score and if our defense can take the ball away a couple of times we should be in good shape. I'm calling for a 40-37 MSU victory.

From justinrsutton: This is not going to endear me to anyone, but I think the biggest win will come against the Ole Miss Rebels. Having the Battle for the Golden Egg back in Starkville will help carry the Bulldogs to their seventh victory of the season. Right now, I think the Bulldogs come close against Oklahoma State and LSU, but they will still have a bit left to prove against South Carolina, Texas A&M and Alabama. Everyone else on that schedule is beatable. The good news, the Bulldogs go .500 in SEC play, and they beat an Ole Miss team that will be over .500 in the conference coming into that matchup.