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MSU 30 for 30: Top Plays in MSU History: Play 8-Don Smith Sinks Tennessee in 86

The last time the Bulldogs went on the road and defeated a top-10 foe was when Don Smith led the Bulldogs to a win over No. 8 ranked Tennessee in 1986

It has been a while since Mississippi State has knocked off a top-ten team on the road. Sure the Bulldogs have accomplished that at home on multiple occasions, but it has been since 1986 that the Bulldogs have defeated a top-ten team on the road.

That win came in the second game of the season when Bulldog quarterback Don Smith rallied Mississippi State to two late touchdowns to put the Bulldogs ahead. Near the end, it looked like Tennessee would find the comeback, but they did not, giving Mississippi State a rare win in Knoxville.