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POLL: If You Could Take a 6-6 Season Right Now, Would You?

If you were offered a 6-6 season for MSU this season right now, would you accept it, or take your chances for a better record?

Butch Dill

Mississippi State has never made four straight bowl games, but in 2013 the program tries to achieve that feat. And if ever there was a schedule to derail these hopes and dreams it's one that includes a Big 12 favorite, a MAC favorite, the 2-time defending national champs, plus three teams who won 10+ last year. Add in three conference opponents (two on the road) with new coaches who are looking to trend up, and throw in your rivalry game at the end. It's a tough road to hoe.

For many folks, just surviving this gauntlet with a 6-6 record and another bowl trip would be a great success. Still, other State fans would like to see a little more.

Credit to Brian Hadad of the B&B show today for the idea on this - would you take a 6-6 season if it was offered to you now? Would you take it knowing that MSU could have a better record, or perhaps a worse one. Or, would you prefer to take your chances, put your money on this team believing they could do better - maybe notch that elusive major upset and win a few more along the way to 7, 8, 9 wins?