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Burning Questions for 2013: What will MSU's Final Record Be?

Cutting to the chase, how will Mississippi State end 2013?

Butch Dill

In what might be the biggest question of all, what will Mississippi State's final record be?  The gang at FWTCT tries to look into the Crystal (or is it Cristil) Ball....

8-4 (4-4). I've gone back and forth on the Arkansas game, but I think they are going to take a beating this year and hopefully by the end if the year we'll be ready to pounce on them, even if it is up there.

--Metal Building Dawg

I'm going to go 6-6 here, with a bowl berth somewhere.  I may get railroaded for sandbagging and being so pessimistic, but it goes against everything inside me to pick too confidently and then get burned by it.  I think the wins are just going to be so tough this year.  The opportunities are there, and I think State is capable of seizing them and finishing higher than my predictions for sure, but they will have to earn everything they get this year.  There's no easy stretch to open; it's right into the fire we go, and let's hope we're ready for it.


Wins: Oklahoma St., Alcorn St., Auburn, Troy, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Arkansas
Loses: LSU, USCe, Texas A&M, Alabama, Ole Miss


Right now, I have Mississippi State finishing 8-4. Wins are Oklahoma State, Alcorn State, Auburn, Troy, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Losses are LSU, South Carolina, aTm, and Alabama. I look for Mississippi State to be much improved on defense, meaning we'll go as far as the offense can take us.

--War Maching Dawg