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Mississippi State 30 for 30: Top Play 27-Glen Young goes 100 yards vs LSU

Coming off the bye week after the Bulldogs monumental upset of No. 1 Alabama, Glen Young ignited the Bulldogs' final charge to knock of the LSU Tigers in Jackson with the first 100-yard kickoff return in Mississippi State football history.

Very rarely do good things happen when a returner retreats to into the end zone to field a kick of any kind and decides to run it out of the end zone. Those plays usually leave an upset coach on the sidelines and a team starting a drive from inside their own ten yard line, but in Jackson on a late November afternoon, Glen Young did just that, leaving the Bulldogs with a 31-24 lead over LSU on the way to a 55-31 victory, the fourth in a string of five straight wins to close the 1980 regular season for Mississippi State.

The touchdown return could be used to teach proper return tactics. Young found the hole quickly and made a solid move to hit the hole and his team provided great blocking the rest of the way.

While Young fielded the ball about four yards deep in the end zone, he is only credited with a 100-yard return.