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Mississippi State 30 for 30: Play No. 25--Willie Blade's Block in the 2000 Independence Bowl

Throw Mississippi State and Texas A&M into a bowl game, and some people will get excited. Toss in a bit of snow with a tight game, and it makes a game that will not be forgotten (unlike overhyping a regular season SEC matchup). In the end, a big play by a big man made the difference in the overtime win for Mississippi State.

If you do not want to scroll through the video, click here to start the video after the Texas A&M touchdown.

When the Mississippi State Bulldogs landed in the Independence Bowl after the 2000 season, many saw it as a bit of a disappointment. That year, the Bulldogs suffered two overtime losses in SEC play that kept Mississippi State out of the SEC championship game, so it was natural for fans to wonder what might have been. It was also natural for Bulldog fans to worry about their team playing in the snow and to worry even more when overtime struck in Shreveport.

At first those fears seemed founded as Mississippi State trailed by two touchdowns early. The Bulldogs rallied to tie the game, but they managed to fall behind by two scores yet again. When the Bulldogs tied the game on a touchdown pass (set up by a Marco Minor interception) to Donald Lee to force overtime, it felt like momentum had taken a spot on the MSU sideline.

Ja'Mar Toombs quickly erased the good feeling when he scored on a 25-yard run to give the Aggies the lead on the first play of overtime. On the following point after try, Willie Blade made magic happen, and Eugene Clinton and Julius Griffith managed to get a loose ball to the end zone for a two-point defensive conversion. Wayne Madkin later scored to give the Bulldogs the victory.