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MSU 30 for 30: Top Play(s) No. 22--Bulldogs Beat Kentucky with Last Minute Drive in 1999

This might be cheating just a bit, but isolating one play from this final drive is not fair. Whether it was some of the amazing receptions or the booming field goal to end it, Mississippi State's last drive on a Thursday night against Kentucky will always be well remembered by Bulldog fans.

It's been said before, but no season in Mississippi State football may have been more magical than the 1999 season. For the first eight games, it did not seem to matter what happened, the Bulldogs found a way to survive. Even after Mississippi State dropped two games against Alabama and Arkansas, they found the magic again in the Egg Bowl.

Watching the final drive from the 1999 Kentucky game, one can pick up the sense that the team and the fans knew the ending would be Scott Westerfield closing out the game with a winning field goal. The crowd gets louder on every positive play, and the offense does not look to feel any pressure from the final seconds of the game ticking down.

The game ends as people expect: The ball sailing through the uprights with just seconds left to play.