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Stock Watch -- Auburn

A look at whose stock is up, and whose is on the fall after a heartbreaking 24-20 loss to Auburn.

Kevin C. Cox

Stock Watch

Stock to Buy

Dak as a starter versus Troy -- It's never easy to switch out starters when your former one is a senior quarterback who holds nearly every passing record at your school.  However, that is the situation MSU faces right now, as Dak Prescott pushes Tyler Russell more and more for the starting position.  Last Saturday, Prescott -- who started and played the entire game as Russell was not cleared for contact for a second game -- had a pretty strong showing, considering he's a sophomore and the game was a tough road game against a conference opponent.  The Mullen offense is at its best when the quarterback possesses the ability to be both a running and passing threat.  Dak proved that he can do both Saturday with 200+ yards through the air and 133 more on the ground.  Does his passing game still need improvement?  Absolutely.  But when he was running the football in chunks against Auburn Saturday night and stretching the field through the air, he looked more and more like the quarterback who needs to lead this program from here on out.  Now if we can just talk Mullen and Koenning into keeping the entire playbook open for a full four quarters, we might really be in business. [Note: I would certainly support a two QB system the rest of the way as well.  Although I do believe Dak is the starter going forward, I can understand utilizing Russell a good deal as well.  Both possess attributes that can give MSU a chance to win.]

Stock to Sell

MSU's 4th Quarter Offense -- In three games this season, Mississippi State has scored a grand total of one -- yes ONE -- touchdown.  And that touchdown was scored in garbage time against Alcorn State two weeks ago, so really, the number we're looking at is zero.  If Mississippi State is going to find a way to turn this season around and experience some success, they are going to have to find a way to score points in the final 15 minutes when it really matters.  Part of that is on the coaching staff.  We saw a pretty open playbook last Saturday against Auburn close and become pretty vanilla after MSU took a 20-14 lead.  Part of it also is on the players, and their ability to execute.  Teams that win compete for four quarters, and that's something MSU still has to figure out a way to do on the offensive side of things.