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POLL: How Many Wins Will MSU End the Regular Season With?

Projecting wins is always fun, even while the season is going on. So with the bye week upon us what do you see the win total being this year.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

In our first poll this year I asked if y'all would take a 6-6 record before the season started, only 36% said yes, but I'd imagine that would be very different now after we've seen the first four games land a 2-2 record. Now that you've had a chance to see this team in action for the first third of the season, as well as the future opponents, how do you think the Bulldogs finish?

  • Bye
  • vs. LSU (6 pm kick)
  • vs. Bowling Green
  • Bye
  • vs. Kentucky (Thursday night)
  • at South Carolina
  • at Texas A&M
  • vs. Alabama
  • at Arkansas
  • vs. Ole Miss (Thursday night)