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This photo of Jackie Sherrill from the Cowbell Yell release is worth your time

Has there ever been a better picture of The Kan[goes into trance at the beauty of HIS KANGNESS]

WARNING: staring directly into his eyes may cause sudden urge to commit
WARNING: staring directly into his eyes may cause sudden urge to commit

Very rarely in life are we blessed with discovering fantastic 90's glamour shots outside of the constant satisfaction that is

That's why it's so important to point out this fantastic picture that was a part of MSU's official release on Jackie Sherrill speaking at tonight's Cowbell Yell.

Jackie Glamor

Oh, oh there are so many things to point out here.  I will surely miss many, but here's a few of the highlights:

  • I WILL FOREVER HATE MYSELF IF I DIDN'T START WITH THE HAIR.  If you couldn't figure out for yourself that that's the Ron Burgundy, salon-quality hair of the gods, God himself has shone his light down on the chestnut brown perfection.  WHAT? NO THAT'S NOT OLAN-MILLS PATENTED TRACK LIGHTING.  That's definitely the big man upstairs, giving his shout out to a strong do - hairdo, that is.
  • THE RINGS.  Yes, it's very important to note the plurality I used there.  If the one gigantic gold ring wasn't enough to establish The Kang's G status, THEN MAYBE THE SECOND ONE COULD CONVINCE YOU. It ain't nuthin but a G thang, baby / Big Kang got the cruits goin' crazay
  • THE POSE.  That pose is what happens when The Thinker jumps down from his permanent pose, hits the salon, gets some sun, and gets all handsomefied.  That pose was called "the closer" back when JWS was recruiting, because once momma-recruit got a look at the hair, eyes, and rings combo all put together like that, GAME OVER.  Little Jimmy will be going to your school, coach, because momma wouldn't mind four years of admiring The Kang from the 35 yard line.

[h/t Belly of the Beast]

[photo courtesy of Mississippi State University |]