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Coffee Pot Talk: Bulldog News You May Have Missed

No one wants to be the guy in the dark around the coffee pot on Friday in the office. That's why these links will keep you in the know: Concessions delivered to you at the Hump, recruiting talk, and Matt Balis leaving Starkville.


With Friday upon us in the office, be sure to be the one in the know about the latest Mississippi State talk. Pull up a spot at the water cooler or the coffee pot and be ready to talk about some the news surrounding the Bulldogs with the links below.

Concession Delivery: Headed to the Mississippi State-Ole Miss basketball game Saturday? You can have your concessions delivered to your seat thanks to Dawg Snax. All you have to have is a smartphone, a ticketed seat, and a debit/credit card. You can catch an interview with one of the co-founders, Daniel Payne, on Friday's Daily Grind on Bulldog Sports Radio.

Recruiting Talk in Mississippi:John Talty updated his list of the Targeted 22 in the State of Mississippi, and several Bulldog recruits and commitments found their way onto his list: Aeries Williams (3), Gerri Green (4), Jamoral Graham (7), Jesse Jackson (10), Brandon Bryant (12), Lashard Durr (14), Sean Rawlings (19), and Dontavian Lee (20).

Balis Set to Leave: The winds of change are starting to blow through the SEC with Lane Kiffin potentially coming to Alabama as the offensive coordinator, and James Franklin appearing set to go to Penn State should he choose, but they have also blown through Starkville, as MSU Strength Coach Matt Balis has decided to take a similar position at UConn.